Gundam AGE: The Secret Mobile Suit

Hey minna,
back with another episode of the slightly better with each episode of the Fall 2011 season, Gundam AGE.  The Gundam Titus is a force to be reckoned with, but it seems to have already been upstaged by Woolf’s new mobile suit, the G-Exes.  Amazed by Woolf’s custom suit, Flit, Emily, and Dique accompany him as he visits the G-Exes’s engineer, Madorna at his workshop.

After touring the facility, gawking at all the custom suits, and exchanging pointers in mobile suit design, Madorna shows them what he called Woolf about…the mysterious arms dealer, Yark Dole, left a UE suit with Madorna, expecting him to improve its capabilities.  Suddently, the UE suit activates and starts blasting the workshop.  To stop its rampage, Flit and Woolf gear up in two of Madorna’s custom suits, but the UE is too strong for regular mobile suits.  After breaking out into open space, Woolf holds off the UE while Flit makes a switch to the Gundam Titus (midspace? no suit? should he like, I don’t know, die? lack of pressure? extreme cold (or hot, depending on if he’s in the shade or the sun)? something, whatever…just ignore physics if that’s what you need to get this to work).  Like with all heavy fighting mechas, the Gundam Titus, while strong, is no match for the UE’s speed, and just when it seems the UE has them cornered, it disappears.

After returning to the Diva, Captain Grudek announces to the crew that they will meeting up 2 Euba and 2 Zalam ships to form a fleet and attack the UE’s hidden base in an abandoned space fortress.  Grudek, with Emily’s help, also reveals that his is now wanted for mutiny by the Federation, so they won’t be any help.  The tension is really starting rise, just as Vargas becomes, what seems like, afraid of what the AGE system has created. I suspect it’ll be an addition that can help Flit keep with up the UE’s speed.  This episode also brings up that demon boy from Fardain who took the Gundam for a joy ride, as he watches the Gundam’s fight with the UE. And I’m also reminded of Yurin, the girl who Flit saved and also seemed to have an ability to see what’s coming…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Gundam AGE: The Secret Mobile Suit

  1. looks like a new suit next week…titus sure didn’t last long

    also, the battle scenes make me rage…because Titus basically looks to me like spiked armor where Flit never uses the spikes

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