C³: The Sadistic Person is Nowhere to be Seen

Hey minna,
back with another episode of  C³: CubexCursedxCurious.  After a new villain and a new ally made their appearance last week, their plot points really start to pick up.  Several murders have been discovered, which one leaving victim very deformed.  Remembering what Alice said last episode, “The culprit was me”, Fear, Haruaki, and Konoha believe it was her who committed the vicious crimes and set out to track her down.

After finding Alice, the team is lead on a chase through the forest to Alice’s hideout, where she breaks out her cursed tool. It’s exact specifications are still unknown, but she was to level the building and disappear using it.  But, before she vanished, Alice did tell them that all the victim’s had something in common and she wanted them to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Kirika is having troubles of her own.  And after being shown how much Haruaki cares for her well-being and opinion, she decides to reveal to him the true cost of her cursed tool.  While Ginstmag’s Love will keep her alive and free of bodily harm so long as she doesn’t take it off, “The River of Black Strings”, as we already know, has the ability to bind and crush its opponent, but at the cost of frequently strangling and breaking the body of its user.  Which leaves Kirika writing in pain on many days, approaching death, only to wake up some time later completely healed.  Haruaki shows she doesn’t have to handle all her burdens alone, even offering to take “Ginstmag’s Love” with him, seeing as curses apparently don’t affect him.

A new victim is found, again very deformed, and Fear believes she knows the similarities now. All of the victims had their hair cut at Kuroe’s salon, they even check security video of Kuroe’s shop to find her receiving a gift bag with a victim’s hair…could Kuroe really be behind these vicious murders? Or is this some kind of trick by Alice?  Speaking of which, what is the real power of her cursed tool?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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