Working’!!: Cell Phone, No Problem

Hey minna,
back with another course at my favorite restaurant anime, Working’!!. This episode goes back to focusing on how Inami is getting better at controlling her androphobia with Takanashi’s help, albeit sometimes bumbling help.

Sota walks the line between life and death when he’s taking a break at the time as Inami, who is usually able to avoid him.  After a fierce stare down, Soma plays it cool and is able talk Inami down so he can escape.  While I’m on Sota, I’ll go ahead and mention his wrath for those who doubt him, as Taneshima learned when she thought Soma was the one to lock her in the freezer, even though it was Yamada…big surprise.

Back to Inami’s androphobia, while on break, Takanashi finds Inami asleep in the break room.  To test just how far her fear goes, he dare to touch her on the head, curious if she’ll, I don’t know, punch him in her sleep or something.  After asking himself just how perverted he is (very, if you’re asking, you turned something innocent and simple into something very perverted, what with all the deep breathing, shaking, sweat, etc.), he puts his hand on her hand, and, *big surprise* she doesn’t react, she continues sleeping.  Feeling some sort of strange joy at this, Takanashi (instead of backing away for safety until further testing could be performed) continues to pat Inami on the head…then she wakes up.  Now, freaked out that Takanashi (a boy) touched her head, she can’t even go back to work or get out of bed.

After getting nagged by his coworkers, Takanashi dons his wig and brings back Kotori-chan, so Inami wouldn’t be as freaked out…(huh?).  Well, Takanashi earns back a few “normal, decent human being” points when he apologizes to Inami and asks for her cell phone number so he could talk to her if he was worried.  Inami loved it, so, for once, I don’t end an episode utterly hating Takanashi. Maybe there’s hope for this jerk yet.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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