Ben-to: Western and Japanese Food Mix 2910 kCal/Warm Rice Porridge 340kCal

Hey minna,
back with another helping of Ben-to.  I’m not sure how to go over this episode, I typically like to keep everything on NewAnimeThursday PG-13 at most, so…I’m at a loss of how to describe the amount of yaoi in this episode.  Aside from Ume essentially getting *this* close to “having her way” with Omoshiroi, how does she not know of her little “hobby”? It’s obvious Omoshiroi is more into BL.

Second point, where are the fights? I thought Ben-to was about the battle for half-priced bento, not everyone who hates Sato (who happens to fight for half-price bento).  I don’t mind the character development, it just seems off-point to what the first part of series followed.

This episode wasn’t at all a total loss, it had moe moe Asebi after all. So I’m happy :3. I won’t say I don’t like this episode compared to the rest of the series, I’m forseeing a lot more personal arcs with the characters in episodes to come, I just don’t want to see it forget the thing I kept coming back to see, bento fights.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


Additional thought: after looking at the pic of Asebi jumping out the window, it makes me wonder, are more and more people in Ben-to starting to believe they can fly?


4 thoughts on “Ben-to: Western and Japanese Food Mix 2910 kCal/Warm Rice Porridge 340kCal

  1. You kidding? This episode was amazing! Well, only for me and Overlord-G I guess, but I stand by this statement, lol.

      • Just kidding, I know what you meant. I am also a tad bias this episode anyway, but I do hope it returns to some of the action elements. It is a action/comedy as expressed by the creators, so guess this was sort of a little break from all the fighting.

        • They can keep all the dramatic poses and explosions, but get back to bento fighting please :3 it was so much less…awkward, when it was just Omoshiroi sitting in the corner getting a nosebleed, not Ume turning Ben-to to some soft-core porn.
          Although I find it kind of funny how Omoshiroi reacted to Ume’s advances, I would’ve guessed she’d been like “I must’ve triggered a flag….BEST DAY EVER!”, but it seems she’s not really into yuri, just BL.

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