Tamayura~hitotose: The Melancholy of Momoneko-sama/Heartbreak Camera

“This is yet another one of the wonders of the camera”



Hey minna,

back with another episode of the Fall 2011 slice of life series, Tamayura~hitotose~. This week, a two-parter. Starting off with a day in the life of Momoneko-sama, as he cleans the streets of litter, tells off the bad cats, and even fights a boar, with the help of Kou. A nice little side story into one of the more interesting side characters of the Tamayura~hitotose.

The second part of the story picks up a storyline left back on the “Road of Aspiration”, as Shimako Tobita, who confesses to her crush, returns to drown her rejection in a food binge.  To bring her out of it, Sayomi takes Shimako for death-defying car ride and to an outlook where can let her feelings out. To show her resolve to getting over the heartbreak, Shimako deletes all the photos of the guy from her camera, and asks her friend Manami to take a picture of the new Shimako…Manami knows better, and that Shimako is just putting on a strong face, that deep down, she’s still hurting. Instead of a smile, Manami takes a picture of Shimako finally letting her feelings out in the form of tears.

Fu sees this and it makes her think of how cameras can not only capture the face we put on, but also the face we have on the inside.  Camera let us capture so much more than what we see, and Fu wants to capture more as well.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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