Guilty Crown: Courtship Behavior

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole and another episode the Fall 2011 series, Guilty Crown. Perhaps Shu is finally taking steps to not being a whiny little brat all the time, at least that’s I got out of the ending, after he’d spent most of the episode kind of on my nerves.

Gai’s next mission for Shu is to get Shu’s friend, Souta Tamadate, to Oshima so Shu can draw out his void to infiltrate a secret base. Before leaving, his mother also tells him to be sure to visit his father.  [Insert a note about the swimsuit fanservice here] [Insert a note about Shu being awkward around girls in swimsuits here] [Insert a note about how if Shu has feelings for Inori he should man up or shut up]

Shu visits his father’s grave in Oshima, he was a doctor 10 years ago when the pandemic first started, and he was also one of it’s first victims, leaving him and his mother behind.  Or did he? Periodically throughout the episode, a mysterious man in priest-like garb visits the gravesite and even uses an access card labeled “Kurosu Ouma” to get into the secret base Gai and Shu are also trying to break into…

Meanwhile, Shu prepares himself to get Souta alone so he can draw out his void and start the mission. He decides to use Inori as bait, seeing as Souta is an Egoist fan and even wants to confess to her.  Inori walks outside with Souta, with Shu stalking close by, and just as Souta was about to do what Shu is too much of wussy to do, Shu yells “Inori is my-” and  draws out his void, a camera that can open anything from doors to sophisticated locking systems.  Unfortunately, Gai, Tsumugi, Ayase, and the others from Funeral Parlor see his little spaz out and aren’t exactly proud of what he did.

On to the secret base, where “the rock that started it all” is house behind a labyrinth of security. Thanks to Souta’s key-camera void, getting in was quite easy. Unfortunately, Funeral Parlor isn’t alone.  The mysterious man from earlier has also gotten into the base, and already made off with the strange rock…

Before leaving Oshima, Shu and Souta (who doesn’t remember Shu’s jerky move last night) have a heart-to-heart, and Shu learns that just because other’s are flawed, that doesn’t make him any better. And, for the first time, he’s actually being open and honest with someone else [Insert comment about how shocked am I :3 ].  Is Shu finally maturing? Or will he forget that he shouldn’t be such a jerk if he wants others to understand him…

22 episodes, 8 episodes in, so it’s still fairly early in the series.  If Shu weren’t so flawed, then the ending wouldn’t be so heartwarming (assuming the ending will have themes of Shu becoming social and opening up to others, maybe even confessing his feelings for Inori). But what I’m really worried about now is this new guy, reason to believe he’s Shu’s father, but he just stole “the rock that started it all” from GHQ, so who is he working for?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Courtship Behavior

  1. Pissed off Gai is not a nice sight. I loved that face Ayase had when she asked Shu “‘Inori is my’ what?” xD He’ll never get into Ayase’s good books heh. But at least Shu has learnt to open up with his friends and lucky enough Souta understood his feelings. We know that Voids change along with people’s hearts, so maybe someday, Shu’s might too.

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