Gundam AGE: Episodes 7-8

Hey minna,
back with a double-feature for the Fall 2011 series Gundam AGE, episodes 7 and 8.  After playing catch-up most of last week, I decided I’d let these two just double-up a post, I’m doing the same with Shinryaku! Ika Musume later.  I planned on doing so with Shinryaku! because there’s no plot to cover episode-by-episode, but still worth writing impressions. And with Gundam AGE, it’s almost become a chore to see how much less respect I have for the Gundam since AGE had started, totally missing the bar Gundam 00 had set.  But, steadily, it has gotten better episode-by-episode, though I still have constant annoyances, like the character designs and the childish way the Gundam was designed (I almost want to root for the UE just because they look cooler). Not to mention plot holes that constant drive commenters into debate (I’ll use this opportunity to thank those who stay level-headed enough to figure out possible reasons for things others, including myself, get too worked too worked up to think of :3 ).

Episode 7, “Evolving Gundam”, picks up where 6 left off, with the hit-and-run by a new UE suit, able to deflect the DODS rife, leaving Flit in the Gundam, surrounded by Zalam forces. To save face, the Don of Zalam decides to hold the Gundam indefinitely, at least until Euba forces come to pick a fight, with Emily and a group of kids caught in the middle.  Grudek and Flit bust out of the Don’s mansion, Flit to lead the Gundam against the fighting factions, and Grudek to get Emily, Vargus, and the kids to safety.  As the factions begin to wage battle, and Flit tries to intervene, the UE suits return.  The newest suit, able to deflect the DODS rifle, heads straight for the fleeing group on their way to the spaceport.  As the factions put aside their battle to fight off the intruders, Largon, in his Genoace, holds off the UE suit long enough for Flit to get the Gundam to the spaceport for it’s newest weapon…

Which brings me to Episode 8, “A Deadly United Front”, and the debut battle for the “Gundam Titus”, fitting for what seems like a melee-oriented machine.  Gundam Titus makes quick work of the new model that was fighting the Genoace, but now, the other two UE have all but decimated the newly allied Fardain forces.  The dialogue and inspirational speech to get Zalam and Euba to join together wasn’t as hacky as I feared it would be, and who doesn’t get inspired when Flit ended his pep talk with a power-knee to robo-groin (look for yourself, Gundam Titus does a mid-air “nut tap” on the UE suit :3 ).  Newly united for the sake of Fardain, their home, Boyage and Rack, along with Flit, now have an even bigger problem on their hands, 3 new suits, all advanced heavy models, are attacking the city, putting civilians at risk.  Not even Gundam Titus can stand up against three of those suits, as what’s left of Zalam and Euba’s mobile suits are quickly rendered useless.  Things look bleak, but, surprise, Woolf returns on the scene with his newly constructed G-Exes, that seems to put the Gundam to shame…

After saving the city in style, the G-Exes, Gundam Titus, and Fardain’s new heroes disembark in a nice flower patch to exchange pleasantries…meanwhile, in the shadows, Grudek seems to get the firepower he’s looking for, thanks to a “Yark Dole”, AKA “The Dark Merchant”.  I was going to end this post by saying I have new found admiration for the Gundam, especially now that the AGE system doesn’t seem so useless and Titus DOESN’T look like it was taken from a child’s coloring book, but after watching G-Exes in action, I won’t.  Seriously, if you want to impress me, you gots to put your enemies down, and the competition to shame. Woolf gets this, and, for once, the UE has something to worry about.

Will Fardain play a part in Grudek’s plan to take out the UE nest?  Who’s this Yark Dole? And is kneeing the UE in the groin Flit’s new go-to move? (He did it twice, and if so, I will refute everything I said about Gundam AGE in previous posts :3)

Btw, I retract what I said about childish character designs when it comes to Grudek, that is one bada** stare…


Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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