Ben-to: Jumbo Garlic Chive Hamburger Patty 765kCal

Hey minna,
back for my favorite meal of the day and a new episode of Ben-to. Though there wasn’t a fight this episode, Sato still manages to land his broken butt in the hospital, though, thanks to Shaga, they wrapped him up to look more injured than he actually was, he was chasing down girls screaming “NOT A FREAK!” soon enough.



Surprisingly, Sena may be a great bento fighter, but she sucks when it comes to fighting video games, and she’s a bad sport too. After a triple-loss to the hands of Shaga, Asebi, and Sato, she *accidentally* hurls Sato’s Sega Saturn out the window.  In order to save his precious game system, Sato forgets he can’t fly and soars to rescue it.  Which brings us back to the hospital, where Sato turns caveman, grunting every time the student council president from Shaga’s school, believing she’s with the Ice Queen, Sena, comes close.

At first, I thought the nom de guerre “Freak” (“hentai”) was bit harsh, but now, I’m convinced, it’s perfect.  It’s a good thing Omoshiroi was in a hospital, she was about to suffer from severe blood loss.  “Muscle Cop” strikes again, and he’s about to take on an army of angry nurses…insert awkward thing that happens to guys *y’know what I’m talking about* here. Sato truly is a freak, but I do feel sorry for him, because one Ume finds out he revealed himself in front of Omoshiroi again, he’ll have hell to pay.

Btw, glad to see more air time for walking clutz-tower of moe, Asebi :3

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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