Working’!!: Love is so Global

Hey minna,
back for dinner at my favorite diner-themed anime, Working’!! Less screen time for Takanashi means I spend less time getting annoyed,  This episode focuses more on Sota and Yachiro, including Yohei and Mitsuki’s espionages on the Wagnaria crew with Kozue in tow.

After another break-up, Kozue can be found in the restaurant, drowning her sorrow in alcohol, until Yohei walks in and is unfortunate enough to make her latch onto him. Soon, she’s following him around, including when he and his sister, Mitsuki, start spying on the crew to make sure they’re all good people, especially after Mitsuki’s suspicions over Sota calling Yachiro by her first name.

Convinced that her life would become more convenient with a cell phone, Yachiro decides to venture with Sota to go and get one.  Even though she’s afraid of technology, Sota (for obvious reasons) helps her pick one out that’ll be easy to use.  Even though she’s afraid of sales clerks, Sota does his best to pick out a phone and a plan for her to use, and repeatedly tells the clerk that, no, they are not a couple. (Though, I agree. They’d make a cute couple, and, really, only someone tough, yet nice like Sota could deal with her.)

It’s nice to see relationship development, and it makes me even happier to see that this restaurant isn’t obsessed with making Takanashi (also known as “stupid dumb little bird jerk lolicon”) happy….Oh yeah! And Yamada ran away, sort of, but not really…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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