Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: No School Swimsuits this Time

Hey minna,
back with another episode of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukuani. For the first time, we see Kobato in her normal (well…”normal” for the rest of us) attire, and learn that (well, remember that) the Neighbor’s Club is full of the strangest people.   After Kodaka runs some errands, seeing all the “popular” people spending their summer time with friends, he comes home to find Kobata upset, as the air conditioner has decided to give out on them.

After “revealing her true form” and donning some cooler clothing, Kobata accompanies Kodaka to his club meeting in the air conditioned club room. Much to her displeasure, Kobata is soon ogled over by Sena and the newly yuri-discovered Rika, Yozora is quick to dish out some correction via fly-swatter.

After watching the bad ending (very bad, I mean, in real life, that would’ve been a sick joke) to a video game, Sena suggests they go to a pool, Kodaka concurs seeing it as good run-through, y’know, if they had friends. After fighting crowds to get there, and some awkwardness in the changing room (because everyone is still convinced Yukimura is male (though I’m starting to think Yozora knows otherwise, hence the girl’s swimsuit), Everyone’s day reaches an end when they find Rika and Yozora on the bus back home when everyone else is ready to try to enjoy themselves despite the crowd.  Noting that Yozora is still still the same loner/anti-social she was back when it was jus the three of them, Kodaka, Sena, and Yozora, back when the club was first started.

Is this where the plot takes a more serious turn? To try and turn these once-loners and shut-ins into functioning, sociable people who can actually have fun with their friends? I hope so, it was sad to see Yozora so (what seems like) afraid of people that had to go home and leave the others behind.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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