Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Ruler of the Land

Hey minna,
back with the action series I’m glad I didn’t drop, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.  Aoi left us speechless last week when he suggested that they just give up trying to save Horizon…It was a part of his plan, he knew he couldn’t beat Masazumi in a debate, so he turned the tables and made her debate for the side of saving Horizon.

Deep down, she really wanted to, she only needed some convincing, and who better than the best debater in the school, Masazumi, herself. She addresses all the issues, the politics of raising the Far East as an independent power as well as concern of how, if so, Musashi should fight the Testament Union, including their moral for doing so.

There is a legitimate cause for saving Horizon Ariadust.  There is no need for her to take responsibility as the ruler of Mikawa. Last night, Lord Motonobu died while obliterating Mikawa.  But his death isn’t being treated as suicide so his responsibility has shifted to his heir. However, Horizon wasn’t his heiress when Lord Motonobu died…Horizon Ariadust does not remember her past and has been living as a citizen of Musashi. So, she was in no way responsible for the destruction of Mikawa.  If they make her responsible for something she had no part in, then the Testament Union would have appointed someone else as heir and ordered them to commit suicide if Horizon Ariadust wasn’t around. They’re conveniently taking advantage of recreating history to execute someone.

This has Masazumi fired up to lead Musashi to go and rescue Horizon, even gaining the approval of the city’s citizens. Until the Papal President of the Testament Union’s KPA Italia starts a debate with Masazumi, in order to destroy her image and put down any thoughts of rebellion.  The Testament Union doesn’t wish for Horizon to live, because they see her as the OS for a collection of WMDs that the Lord of Mikawa was planning to amass for the use of the Far East, and any apocalypse that occurs is merely according to the recreation of history according to the Testament. Likewise, Masazumi claims that Musashi would be in the right to establish the Far East as an independent power to collect the Deadly Sins Armaments and prevent the coming apocalypse, in turn, returning to Horizon the emotions that were stolen from her to create the Deadly Sins Armaments.

Despite the President’s aim to ruin Masazumi’s image by revealing her secret and portraying her as liar, Aoi rises to the occasion, to show that all that matters is Masazumi is the only one with answers, it shouldn’t matter what she decides to hide, she’s the only one with a solution that saves Horizon’s life as well as the fate of Musashi.

Now, Musashi begins its preparations, not for war, but for an international cooperation to collect the Deadly Sins Armaments, stop the apocalypse, and save Horizon, even if that means fighting the Testament Union to do so. But first, the students must deal with Vice President of the Testament Union’s KPA Italia, Galileo, and his Deadly Sin Armor, Staseis Porneia, and it’s ability to “renounce and play with any power it touches”. Luckily, Futayo Honda from the Mikawa Guard arrives to help out, she seems more than a match for Galileo, especially armed with her fathers blade that brought down a Deadly Sin Armor before the destruction of Mikawa. What’s to be the fate of Musashi now? Horizon is set for suicide, and it’s up to the demilitarized Far East to collect the Deadly Sin Armaments, or face apocalypse.

Until next time
– BeldenOtaku


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