Guilty Crown: Round Dance

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole and another episode of the pulse-pounding Fall 2011 series, Guilty Crown. Shu and Inori return to school after he was taken under arrest by the GHQ forces that day on the train.  In a move that seems like it should’ve been done earlier, we’re introduced to Shu’s friends (I know right? He actually seems to have had friends), including the student council president looking out for him.  She helps to put aside any rumors of him being a criminal which lets Shu blend back into the school’s normal pace.

Also new on the list, Shu’s, err, open mother (insert sexual innuendo here, or a “yo momma” joke, whichever you prefer), not afraid to hold anything back.  At least the introduction to Inori seemed to go smoothly, and Shu is starting to let people in, even if it did make look like a total momma’s boy ( :3 ).  Meanwhile, now that the Leucocyte system has been grounded, GHQ looks to help of an American-dandy, Srgt. Dan, to fight back against Undertaker’s anti-GHQ plots, WITH GUTS!

Rather suddenly, Gai calls on Shu to accompany him on a mission to secure financial and domestic support from a very powerful company head, who also happens to be the student council president’s father.  And wouldn’t you know it, Shu’s mother is also attending the party; small world, huh?  The pace picks up with a battle ballet, as Dan launches a sideways missile strike against the party yacht, putting Shu, Gai, and everyone on board in danger.  To prevent disaster, Gai lures Arisa, student council president, to the outer deck so that Shu can use her defensive void to protect the ship from the oncoming missile barrage.

I think this episode was more of a development on the idea of voids personifying the inner feelings of the person it was drawn from, more than actual plot development. As well as introducing some B-roll characters, though I hope Shu’s classmates get more involved as this should help to create some more variety and depth to Shu’s relationships.  Not to mention Arisa is now kind of tied up in Undertaker as well, even if she may not realize it.  The fate of Japan is becoming more and more prevalent, which is good for the rising action of the series, let’s hope it stays true to the story and doesn’t attempt to put in filler because the ending is weak…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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