Working’!!: Oh, My Sister

“Girls in love…
…can be oddly proactive.”

Hey minna,
back with another helping of my favorite meal, Working’!!. Takanashi is still making a horse’s butt of himself and Yamada stays (mostly) focused long enough to get pretty close to reuniting with his sister Aoi.

After realizing Nazuna isn’t really his little sister anymore, Takanashi stars getting depressed (again), and to cheer him up, Taneshima agrees to play his little sister for the day…much to Inami’s confusion. She gets past it by ignoring it…yes, Inami-san, that IS the guy you like…good luck.

Later, Kirio Yamada, possible candidate for Aoi Yamada’s lost brother, makes his dramatic entrance to Wagnaria, in search of his run-away little sister.  At least he tries to search for her, when he’s not distracted by Inami or Takanashi in drag…Despite his best (and annoying) efforts, Sota keeps Yamada from meeting her potential brother to, as he puts it, get the fun going.

Lately, it puzzles me why the staff are putting up with Takenashi, especially Inami, she can definitely do better.  I’m not saying he’s dangerous, I’m just saying he’s annoying to be around.  Why is everyone so concerned with him when he’s just being so whiny? He must really be a hard worker….then again, probably not hard to stand out as a hard worker with employees like Aoi wandering around.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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