Tamayura~hitotose: Unchanging People in Ever-changing Times

Hey minna,
back with a new episode of Tamayura~hitotose, my slice of life for the Fall 2011 season. The Road of Aspiration has come and past, now Fu is left dwelling on feelings left over from that special night, as well as new experiences since then, like the revelation that Shihomi-san is now residing in Takehara with Hoboro-san.  Along with Hoboro-san’s full name (Chimo Yakusa), we also learn that they are friends from years ago, and they invite Fu to tag along with them to visit another friend in Kure, and her restaurant, Casablanca.

This episode focuses on the relationships photographs can build between people. Like the link between Shihomi-san’s photos and Fu, then Fu’s photos with Komachi, who is using her grandfather’s film camera to take photos of her own.  Now Fu is afraid that Shihomi is no longer going to take pictures and be photographer, which brings about a sense of loneliness.

Once in Kure, Fu, Shihomi, and Chimo watch as Misano-san, Shihomi’s sempai and owner of the cafe Casablanca, test out her “Bitter-gourd cream matcha chilled noodles” on two of her daring customers.  Misano used to be an illustrator, until she gave it up to become the cafe owner.  This leaves Fu even lonelier, as she believes this to be the path Shihomi is about to take, after both Hoboro-san and Misano both gave up their artistic careers in lieu of opening restaurants. Shihomi even mentioned wanting to open her own sweets shop.

Meanwhile, the artistic trio talk about how it seemed the only way to stay with the places they loved to be in and draw/photograph was to settle down as Hoboro and Misano-san have.  Regardless of what she chooses to do with her life, Shihomi assures Fu that the only one in control of what she does, is Fu herself. She’s free to write her own life story and, just as the blank train ticket symbolized, her own destination.

Another great episode full of themes of growing up and lessons learned through feelings, sometimes hurtful, that teach what life can hold in store.  I also appreciate the animation Tamayura is keeping on par with, all the differing backgrounds and character designs that a typical anime wouldn’t do, usually due to expense of having to design new outfits and frame sets for the characters and backgrounds.  It really inspires me to be an animator capable of handling such varying characteristic episode-to-episode. Another reason I enjoy Tamayura~hitotose, Fu’s story seems to be applicable to a lot of people who watch it, regardless of their life situation.  Fu uses photography as her medium of growth and inspiration, as well as a means of dealing with and understanding the life she lives.


Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Tamayura~hitotose: Unchanging People in Ever-changing Times

  1. I want to see more pictures taken by Komachi.
    The photos she took was decent, not that bad at all.
    A good start I have to say, since i’m a free-lance photographer 😀

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