C³: Like an Inescapable Curse

Hey minna,
back with a curse calling and another episode of the Fall 2011 series, C³: CubexCursedxCurious.  Fear, along with Hauraki and friends, need to find a way to stop Sovereignty Perfection Doll, a cursed tool smitten with Shiraho, from stealing away the emotional energy from the students of the school to prevent her from killing Shiraho using her cursed tool, Killing Organ.

First things first, Sovereignty needs to be drawn out to be dealt with.  In order to do that, Fear uses a cell phone Shiraho gave to Sovereignty to tell her that they’ve taken Shiraho hostage, and, to complete the act, they actually take her hostage.  Konoha, in cursed blade form, forces Haruaki’s hand to keep Shiraho at blade-point, resulting in Sovereignty’s love-stricken attack against Fear and Kirika. As the pair fight off Sovereignty’s tree-doll army, Fear catches Sovereignty in one of her cursed torture devices.  Driving emotions forces out all of Sovereignty’s hidden blades and killing devices, part of her curse, Killing Organ.  Using their love for one another to bring out all of Sovereignty’s cursed powers was the girls’ plan all along, and once all the blades had been revealed, Konoha, with Haruaki’s help, removes all of the blades. Not so much “lifting” the curse, as simply removing the sharp ends of it.

After a tearful reunion where Shiraho and Sovereignty are finally able to hold one another, the story skips to when the gang is back in school.  All the effected students have returned to good health, and the principal drops a little backstory for Shiraho. Though it seemed somewhat pointless, it was at least interesting to see that Haruaki isn’t the only kid with a parent who seems to find no fault in logic about sending cursed tools to their children.

Now that Sovereignty is nothing more than a walking tower of moe-awesomeness, where will the story move to now? Another villain? Or perhaps they’ll finally dive into the whole organizations thing and provide a little more information on cursed tools and the “Indulgence Discs” that Fear now has two of…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “C³: Like an Inescapable Curse

  1. We’ll probably get another villain next episode but I would really like to see how this organization fits into the plot. Maybe we’ll be lucky and get a both those things.

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