Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Musashi’s Knights

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere | Promo

“Political turmoil is supervised by students and normal citizens may not participate.
That is the way of the world right now.”

Hey minna,
back (despite a mountain of work) to finally understand why students seem to have so much say in the events of the Fall 2011 series, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.  Though I don’t understand why, as quoted above, students determine the actions Mususashi will take, primarily, whether or not to wage war with the Testament Union and rescue Horizon.  While most of the students are in favor of this, it must be decided officially by the student council, and (just like real life /sarcasm) with battle.

Masazumi, the only remaining member of the student council with power, arrives with Naomasa, representative from the engineering club who believes Musashi is under-equipped to fight a war with the Testament Union, and Mitotsudaira, representative of the Knights, who believe that such a war would endanger innocent civilians.

The Testament Union and Musashi get three representatives each. Whoever wins two rounds is victorious. Musashi Ariadust Academy will consent to whichever side wins. If the Testament Union wins, we will accept Horizon’s death and Musashi’s new leadership.  If Musashi wins, we will go save Horizon.  You may face off through battle, negotiations, or however you wish.  The Testament Union must prove that defiance is futile.  Musashi must prove that they can fight back. 

Let the battle begin, finally…one problem. Is it just me, or does it seem like a waste of energy to be fighting each other? No matter, Shiro faces off against Naomasa and proves that upholding Musashi is key to upholding the entire Far East, and that the students’ shrewdness in battle will suffice for any lack of firepower.  Second battle, Suzu wins with cuteness (in my opinion), but, technically, and I can barely wrap my head around this, but Mitotsudaira wins, leaving the scoreboard at 1-1. Which brings us to the final round, a war of words between Masazumi and Aoi, each needing to make their case and either back their opponent into a corner logically, or convince them to change their opinions.  Aoi starts strong, proclaiming…that they should give up? Everyone watching, and I mean EVERYONE takes a unanimous spit-take as this shocking revelation.

Is this unforeseen surprise for real? Does Aoi really just want to give up? Or is it a part of some unknown cleverness he has secretly prepared? (I certainly hope the latter, or this series is going to have a not-so-happy ending for Horizon.)

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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