Tamayura~hitotose~: Promise of the Bamboo Lights

Tamayura~hitotose~ PV

Hey minna,
back with another touching episode of the Fall 2011 slice of life, Tamayura~hitotose.  Up until now, it seems everyone except Fu has had their emotional time concerning her father’s passing and Fu growing more and more.  Now, with the return of the “Road of Aspiration”, a yearly festival celebrated in Takehara, Fu finally gets to return to the place her father had promised to go back with her, so long ago.

As the townspeople busy themselves, getting ready for the night’s festival. Fu and friends met up at Kao-tan’s house…TO FIND HER STRANGLING A MAN WITH HER BARE HANDS!!! 0_0 (jk). Kaoru and her sister were making a giant teruterubouzo, wishing for the weather to clear up for Fu’s first “Road of Aspiration”.

After running into Shihomi in town, the group goes to Hoboro’s restaurant to find Dougo-sensei helping her in hopes of confessing to her later that night during the festival (which he enlists the help of the girls to do so). This brings up many feelings of different experiences and expectations from all the people, and how Fu is comforted that she isn’t the only one looking for something special tonight.  From confessions to long-awaited promises, everyone has their own reasons to coming to the festival tonight, and Fu hopes that everyone will have a smile during such a special night.

Though the threat of rain still hangs over the festival, the girls still hold out hope that the weather will clear up for Fu’s special night.  More than just Fu’s expectations, it seems everyone’s desires for the evening seem at jeopardy.  Even Kao-tan seems chocked up at the thought of Funyon missing this special occasion because of rain.

Fu, in her daze, feels reunited with her dad, and confesses how, even though she hasn’t cried, she’s happy of how far she’s come. She feels as if returning to Takehara, and the Road of Aspiration, is somehow making up for the broken promise, so many years ago. Full of candle-lit bamboo lamps, the town is full of the hopes and experiences of many people from different places. Some less fortunate in their endeavors than others, Dougo’s confession doesn’t exactly go as planned, but still, the night is full of magic. As Fu is thankful to everyone, friends and people who prepared the festival alike, for helping making her day such a special experience. Perhaps her father’s promise goes unbroken after all…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Tamayura~hitotose~: Promise of the Bamboo Lights

  1. It’s one of those episodes where they decide to take you on an emotional ride. Up till waiting for the rain to stop in Tamayura was fine but it got teary when Potte dreamed of her late father. Her wish on the lantern was sweet too. Poor Dougou, the only reason his confession got called off was because Hoboro offered him a quintuplet-decker okonomiyaki.

    • I think that was the real tragedy of the episode :3 poor Dougu, I really felt bad for him not even getting the chance to confess (I thought maybe he was going to get turned down, but to not even make it outside with Hoboro, that’s sad).
      I’m really glad to see some development on Fu, up until now it’s been mostly about other characters and their lives in regards to how strong Fu has been.
      But now Fu gets the chance to actually show how strong she was, and get a little bit more closure.

      • I’m sure Dougou will be able to confess to her some other time. I’m thinking it was too fast. He should take his time for now 🙂

        I can see how strong Fu has become. Lets hope she will remain that way.

        • I have confidence in Fu, she’s a trooper. I can’t explain it, but I feel like she only grows stronger and stands taller with each passing day…
          Dougo WILL get his chance, he just has to (for all us lonely lovers out there T.T )

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