Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episode 6

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Season 2 PV

Hey minna,
back with another episode of the invasion, Shrinryaku! Ika Musume. Episode 6 holding the parts “Won’t you go jogging?”, “Aren’t you SP?”, and “Won’t you go on an Adventure?”. Continuing with the light-hearted comedy, this week’s episode also features Mini-Ika-chan in the third part.

“Won’t you go jogging?” kicks off the episode with a healthy run around town four Ika-chan and family, which comes to end for all but Chizuru and Goro when Ika-chan discovers a restaurant serving shrimp curry.  Realizing they never really gave Ika-chan a tour of the city, Eiko and Takeru spend the day showing her around.  Primarily, to the temples and Buddha shrines (that Ika-chan was tricked into thinking that the large statue was actually fierce monk waiting to strike…). Meanwhile, Goro pushes his limits trying to keep up with Chizuru’s super-human stamina jogging, we may not see from him in the near future…

“Aren’t you SP?” focuses on Sanae and her never-ending desire to be with Ika-chan.  But not this time, Ika-chan has picked up some protection of her own, Takeru’s friends from school agree to become her personal special police.  Until Sanae sees this as a great way to spent lots of time with Ika-chan herself. Outshining them with determination, Sanae takes up the role as Ika-chan’s primary defense against extraneous threats….and bird droppings. But, in the end, her desires get the best of her, and she is forced to subdue herself to protect Ika-chan from “the bad guys”.

“Won’t you go on an Adventure?” was my favorite part of this episode, as it follows Mini-Ika-chan’s adventures as she’s whisked away on a sheet of paper by the wind, out into the wide world of the backyard.  There, she finds many fun and beautiful things, like flowers that reach into the sky and an abandoned doll house, but she also face trials, like being stranded in a tuna can, floating for dear life after a heavy rain, as well as being chased down by two ferocious felines, until she is finally rescued by Eiko…all this turns out to be a strange dream by Goro, who seems deeply troubled by it (wouldn’t bother me, seems like a fun dream).

Again, continuing with the light comedy and adding a dash of cuteness (thanks to Mini-Ika-chan), Shinryaku! Ika Musume keeps up the good work. And I look forward to the next episode.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


6 thoughts on “Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episode 6

  1. I think they realized that Mini-Ika was the best thing about the series, which is probably the reason for the Mini-Ika segment this episode, because I didn’t remember seeing this in the original material.

    That flower dress segment is cute I might get a heart attack.

  2. Mini Ika seems to be getting a whole lot of screen time lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if she get a whole episode at some point.
    My favorite part of the episode was the part with the delinquent monks. I love it when Ika’s mind runs wild like that.

    • Same here, Ika’s imagination is something to be feared alone.
      I would love an all Mini-Ika-chan episode, the no dialogue is an interesting point to have, so I feel like it’s more dependent on visuals and has to try harder to keep your attention with just that.

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