Gundam AGE: The Light and Shadow of Fardain

Hey minna,
back with another episode the series that gets a tiny bit better with each episode (but still disappointing), Gundam AGE. Flit gets caught up in the skirmishes of a colony that refuses to settle the past as well as continue to make himself out to be ever more the child he claims to not be.

Still unsettled on the wars of the past, Fardain’s upper-class has divided itself into two factions according to the old Colony Nation wars, Zalam and Euba.  The two sides duke it out in out-dated, black market mobile suits on the streets of Fardain.  Meanwhile, in slums located between the inner and outer walls of the colony, the lower-class are forced to struggle for every day of survival, while the colonists above live in luxury and waste their money on long-past battles.

Taking advantage of the situation in hopes of actually fighting the UE, Grudek seeks out the Don of Fardain, to acquire battleships.  Because of the Silver Chalice Treaty following the Colony Nation Wars, Grudek believes the Federation to be severely lacking in power to successfully take out the UE, who killed his wife and daughter years ago.  While the Don plays koi at first, he warms up after Grudek offers him classified military blueprints in exchange for four warships.  The Don takes their conversation to his mansion for further discussion.

Meanwhile, Flit and Emily narrowly escape a faction battle on the surface, thanks to Mr. Iwark, a resident of the Fardain slums and surrogate father to the abandoned Riria.  As a new battle begins on the surface, Mr. Iwark realizes Riria has wandered off. Fearing the worst, Iwark, Flit, and Emily cram into a service suit to search the surface for Riria. After rescuing her, Mr. Iwark goes off to give the faction fighters a piece of his mind. Vastly outmatched in his service suit, Iwark is still able to take out one suit and hold his own against the others, but it’s not enough. Flit calls in the Gundam and begins to thin out the mobile suits, until a new type of UE suit arrives.

The new suit can deflect his DODS rifle, and, without any close combat capabilities to match the UE’s, Flit is in trouble.  But, as mysteriously as it arrived, the UE vanishes, and Flit is arrested by the Zalam forces…

What now? Is the UE somehow tied to one of the factions? Will Zalam try to take the Gundam away from Flit? Will Flit ever grow up enough to be able to tell that Emily is very concerned for him? Will Gundam AGE continue to keep me interested? Next episode, “Evolving Gundam”, maybe now the Gundam will be more than a rifle stand…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku



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