Ben-to: Special Seasoned Duck Bento 795 kCal

Ben-To PV

“That’s what I’ll do.
I’ll be a wolf.”

Hey minna,
back for my half-priced deliciousness with another helping of the Fall 2011 series, Ben-to.  The Monarch has declared his war between the wolves of the east and the wolves of the west, though it’s all a charade to pick his fight with the strongest wolf of the east, Yarizui Sen, the Ice Witch.

Everyone is in on the plan, and Shaga dug up the backstory.  The current God of Discounts of the “Ralph’s Store” in the Monarch’s turf, is a retired wolf, and the undeniably strongest of her day. Going by the nom de guerre, “Monarch Butterfly”, she became legendary when she took on the greatest eastern wolf of the day, the Wizard, for the ultimate prize.  After a hard fought battle, the Wizard came out on top, leaving the Monarch Butterfly defeated, but such a great battle that it was, the Wizard had only enough strength to gulp down his prize before passing out on the sidewalk.

Now, a year later,  the Monarch, striving to bring back the glory of the Monarch Butterfly, has raised up his lap dog army and is set out to win back the pride of the west by defeating the current champion of the east, the Ice Witch, Yarizui.  Determined to keep this brute in check, Yarizui sets out for Ralph’s Store, with Sato and Oshiroi keeping tabs in the east.  But, before she can reach her destination, she is attacked by the Monarch’s thugs, and, fearing the worst, Sato and Shaga speed to her aid.

Yarizui makes it to the Monarch’s field of battle, ready to fight for her pride as a wolf.  To her surprise, Sato and Shaga make in time to show how a real wolf fights, with pride and honor.  Despite the Monarch’s mighty attempts to floor the trio and claim his shallow victory, Yarizui, Shaga, and Sato work together to topple the giant and uphold the pride of the wolves, the Half-price Ben-to fighters.  Only one thing left to decide, will it be Shaga or Sato who goes home with the honor seal and special seasoned duck bento…

Sato somehow manages to pull it off, and defeats the Beauty by the Lake. Now, with the wolves’ pride defended, all that’s left on Sato’s mind is when he’ll claim his own nom de guerre. Maybe something like “The Freak” or “Crossdresser”, those would really strike fear into his opponents, don’t you think? :3

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Ben-to: Special Seasoned Duck Bento 795 kCal

    • I’m not really feeling too left out of the details, whenever some small bit of information is dropped that we don’t know about, it’s usually a teaser for the next episode and gets explained…unless fighting for bentos is just too much for you, in that case, it must be pretty confusing.

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