C³: The Thing that doesn’t Reflect in the Forecaster’s Eyes

C3-CubedxCursedxCurious PV

Hey minna,
back with another cursed episode of the Fall 2011 series, C³: CubexCursedxCurious. Konoha is still recovering from her mysterious attack at school as Fear copes to understand why a cursed tool wouldn’t want their curse lifted.

After more of the usual C³ fanservice between Haruaki and Konoha and a short trip to the supermarket, where Fear becomes “Cabbage Master”, she starts to see herself changing, how her hands, which were used to kill and torture, are now no longer forced to do so. She realizes she can now control her own fate, and wants to show Sovereignty the joy she has from these feelings.

Later that night, Konoha comes to and fills the others in on her attacker. A male attacker, put together with the thefts of students uniforms and shoes,  gives Haruaki a hunch, so the gang high-tails it to the school to search for more information on Shiraho, the girl who supposedly released Sovereignty into the school.  Upon reaching the nurse’s office and retrieving her student information, the gang is shocked to see, not a picture of the Shiraho they met outside of the crafts room, but a picture of, whom they though, was the cursed tool, Sovereignty.

The gang rushes over to Shiraho’s house, to find Sovereignty, originally thought to be Shiraho, about to kill the girl who fell in love with her.  The real Sovereignty has the ability to change forms, to better suit the desires of her master, but with a fatal addition.  Sovereignty is equipped with a mechanism that fills her body with countless blades, giving her the attack deemed, “Only One Embrace”, that kills the person who falls in love with her, and she has no control of this mechanism.  Sovereignty is now out to kill Shiraho, who knew of her curse beforehand and still chose to take her in…

…I’m on the edge of my seat, why couldn’t this episode be put out with the next one as well?

– BeldenOtaku


10 thoughts on “C³: The Thing that doesn’t Reflect in the Forecaster’s Eyes

  1. The whole Sovereignty/Shiraho thing is confusing me so much. I’m pretty sure they change names on me at some point and I didn’t catch on.

    The tall girl was claiming to be Sovereignty but is actually Shiraho?
    The small girl that grabbed Fears breasts in the last episode was Shiraho but is now Sovereignty? I’m so confused.

    I also liked those scenes with the puppets for some reason.
    Curious to see what happens next.

    • Sovereignty was passing herself off as Shiraho, making Shiraho (the tall one) pretend to be the cursed tool, Sovereignty. It is as of yet unknown why they did this.
      And I liked them too, they kinda reminded me of the inbetweens of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. For a second, I thought I had clicked on the wrong show, because the similarity was very striking.

      • Thanks. I think I understand now. I’m used to not really thinking when I watch this show but then they pull this stunt and I get all confused. 😛

        I’ve heard that Silver Link and Shaft have some kind of professional relationship so it is possible that the same people animated those scenes in Madoka and C³.

  2. Inching closer and closer toward the end of this arc. Hope the series doesn’t end short side, but still a few more eps. M

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