Working’!!: Episodes 6 and 7 (or “Takanashi! Why you so dumb?!”)

Working!! Season 2 PV

Hey minna,
back for a two course meal at my favorite family restaurant, and two new episodes of Working’!! “Hired, Fired, Tired” and “Bad Tuning of Love”, both feeding my need for character development, as well as adding some new characters to the Wagnaria bunch. Introducing, from Kyoko’s gang: Yohei and Mitsuki Mashiba, and, from the streets, and possibly Aoi Yamada’s brother, Kirio Yamada.

After Yamada inadvertently gets Soma and Taneshima sick, Kyoko decides to call in some reinforcements from her old gang, both of whom seem to have difficulty with concept of doors… Neither is particularly good a waiting tables or cooking food, but their devotion to Kyoko does help the rest of the staff make due.  All returns to normal, except for Takanashi, who seems more exhausted than usual. Trying to prove she can remedy the situation, Kyoko removes the responsibility of taking care of Inami from Takanashi.  Takanashi, unsure of how he feels about this, asks Inami what she’d prefer. Inami replies that it doesn’t matter, really only trying to make Takanashi feel better (supposedly by not punching him so much if he didn’t have to look after her). Unable to understand how he feels about this, Takanashi spends quite some in a funk, until, yet again, he analogizes Inami with a dog that’s being taken away from his trainer (will he ever learn?).

“Bad Tuning of Love” essentially picks up where “Hired. Fired. Tired” left off in Inami and Takanashi’s relationship.  Showing that Inami is by no means exclusive to Takanashi, she comes across a young man, able to block her punches, looking for his missing sister. Inami believes this Kirio Yamada is actually Wagnaria’s Aoi Yamada’s brother.  Though Kirio quickly loses interest in searching for his sister, and, instead, focuses more on Inami. Takanashi sees this, and, yet again, spirals into depression, only to recover by relating Inami to a dog….I guess this is character development, I mean, he can only do this so many times, right?

I feel bad for Inami, Takanashi honestly doesn’t get it.  But Kirio seems a better fit for Inami, he is impervious to her punches, and he actually understands that he “likes” her, unlike Takanashi, who is convinced Inami is too old for him (or maybe he’s just stupid).

Is this actually Aoi’s brother? Will we see more of Kyoko’s gang in the restaurant? Will Takanashi ever grow a brain and see what’s been standing in front of him the entire time? Next time, on Working’!!, “Oh! My sister!”, looks like the first question might be answered.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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