Guilty Crown: A Preperation

Guilty Crown

“You were only using what makes you unique.”

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole, and another episode of Guilty Crown.  Shu has been taken to the headquarters of Undertaker, and started his training to see if he’s fit to join their ranks.  Under the guidance of the strong-armed (literally, she floored Shu quite handily, again, literally) Ayase, Shu must succeed in a mock battle to officially join.  Meanwhile, Gai is preparing for the next operation…

Shu is still playing the part of the fool blind to the world around him, he believes in a world better than how it appears, but still can’t find how that could possibly be. Especially when he finds out Gai told Inori to play up to Shu, saying she needed him.  Shu feels even more rejected when it appears that Inori and Gai are an item…according to Ayase, they go into his room three to four times a month. Could Inori really be with Gai?

Doubtful, later in the episode, it’s shown that Inori is helping Gai perform what looks like a blood transfusion. Perhaps the great Gai isn’t as impervious as he appears.  Though, by the end of the episode, whatever medical complications he may have are the least of his problems.

Faced against Ayase in her Endleave, Shu is tasked with getting past her and to the safety of a shelter behind her. But, only armed with an automatic paintball gun, what chance does Shu have?  Determined not to fail, Shu goes to what he does best, using voids. He draws out the void of Arugo, a member of Undertaker who had helped train him. Arugo’s void was a device that emits a light that causes darkness, blinding Ayase’s Endleave long enough for Shu to make it to shelter.

The congratulations don’t last long, as Tsugumi reports the Leukocyte, an orbital space laser, was used at Gai’s location during the mission.  Devastation pot-marks the landscape, as it seems impossible for Gai to have survived…
With Shu still holding onto the transmitter he received while being held by the GHQ and Gai seeming out of the picture, how will Undertaker face the new threat of a space-based weapon of mass destruction that GHQ seems determined to use against anyone who questions their authority?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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