Tamayura~hitotose~: That’s Something That’ll Happen One Day

Tamayura~hitotose~ PV

“A coincidence is fine too, as long as my feelings
are able to reach someone.”

Hey minna,
back with my favorite slice of the life of the Fall 2011, Tamayura~hitotose~. This week, we look back at time past, before the girls had met one another, as well as a look into the fateful day when Maon met Norie.  I also get comforted that I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand Maon when she whistles…like Norie says, I probably just don’t get it.

As child, Maon, being very shy, likes to go up to the scenic overlooks to read aloud her hand-drawn storybook, until someone else comes along, and her shyness returns.  Determined to read her story, she climbs higher on the overlook, to a place people rarely visit, where she finds herself alone….or does she? Fu becomes entranced by Maon’s fairy tale princess, and begs to know what happens next. Maon, staring at her unfinished story, struggles to come up with an ending, to keep from disappointing Fu.  Her ending is cut short when, from lower on the hill, Norie and Karou start being their typical, not exactly quiet selves. It’s all fun and games until Norie falls down and begins crying (oh, the cuteness), driving Karou to tears as well (even cuter still!). Struggling to fight her own tears (oh! cuteness overload!), Fu and Maon look down on the two girls.  Maon, looking to remedy the situation, desperately tries to whistle, like she had heard a woman do so earlier, after several tries she finally lets out a whistle that rings through the hill and over the oceanview.  Able to do so now, she starts to whistle the melody she had heard, able to calm Norie, Karou, and Fu down…So this is where it started. “The princess arrived at the pyramid. She started whistling, attracting the attention of many people. She became good friends with everyone in the end.”

The second part of the episode focuses on when Maon met Norie-chan.  Still a shy loner of sorts, even though she’s a second year, Maon stumbles upon Norie sulking on a bench, after a boy turned her down after she had made him sweets to confess to him.  After walking around a while, Maon and Norie seem to hit it off, as Norie cheers up, Maon opens up more and more.  With the finale of the episode on the pier, looking out at the ocean, Maon starts whistling the melody from the day years ago.  Norie, remember where she heard that from, decides that Maon and herself should become friends, and so they do, apparently, complete with their own secret language.

Really nice backstory episode, really been focusing on Maon lately, next episode seems to be about maybe a festival (but that’s my guess). I’d be really interested in episodes about the other character’s backstories as well. But I’d probably be happy with whatever they do, slice of life series tend to just be able to satisfy me no matter what the story is.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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