Gundam AGE: The Demon Boy

Hey minna,
back with another episode of the Fall 2011 series, Gundam AGE.  This series is still on thin ice for me, while I like how it’s trying to introduce some internal conflicts, especially with Emily and her desire to see Flit stop trying to be a soldier, but I still have problems getting past the childish dialogue and seemingly illogical actions of the rest of the cast.  And now it’s seems to they’re trying to throw in some psuedo-ESP with these kids Flit is helping out, why does it take two of them to get his attention? (I would’ve been asking questions the first time a hitchhiker started telling me what was gonna happen next.)

Normalcy seems to come back to the crew onboard the Diva, as they near Colony Fardain, even Wolff and Flit seem to become best buds (I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s better than the two of them fighting like grade schoolers over a new toy). But all isn’t well when Grudek receives a message from the Federation Armed Forces command about his unlawful commandeering of the Diva, and informs him he’ll be arrested and taken to court martial upon arrival at Fardain.

After arriving and blowing off Dique (feel bad for the only non-essential character getting ignored?), Flit goes for a nice, leisurely segway ride…until he nearly runs over a child! He takes this child back to the Diva to patch him up, along the way, Flit notices a weird feeling every time he comes in contact with the boy, but brushes it off as nothing (what?!).  It seems the boy, Desil Galette, has as much a fascination with the Gundam as Flit does, so much so that he decides to take it for a spin when an alert sounds for UE detected in the colony.

Needless to say, Flit and Wolff give chase in Genoaces to protect Desil from the UE. To their surprise, Desil can make quick work of the UE, finally making Flit think about how that other girl had been able to fight them so well (at last..) So, now we’re left at an impass, is it really that easy to pilot (making Flit useless) or is there more going on with this boy, and the mysterious organization that picks him up after the fight…?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku



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