Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Episode 6

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere | Promo

Hey minna,
back with a better opinion of the Fall 2011 series, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.  After a good information drop last episode, the student council is now gearing up to save Horizon. We also see a nice backstory of Suzu with Toori and Horizon on her first day in academy. While it seems a little late to be getting into real story, at least “Horizon” doesn’t feel like it’s wasting my time now.

A standoff between the Far East, KPA Italia, and the Testament Union, it can only mean something major is about to go down, meanwhile, just about everyone onboard the Musashi has been de-authorized, meaning the residents seem to have no control over what’s happening.  To fight the Testament Union’s eminent encroachment of the Far East, Shiro proposes that the only way to do this is with Masazumi, acting vice-president and the only member of the student council who still retains any authority.

Their discussion gets cut short when the teacher comes in to start the class, today’s assignment: “What I wish for”. Which leads to Suzu’s touching backstory of how Toori and Horizon both befriended her on her first day in school, and how, more than anything else, she just wants Toori and Horizon to be together.  Rallying around Toori, the class begins its preparations to prepare for something…again with the lack of information.

Horizon, still sentenced to suicide on charges of bringing a weapon of mass destruction into the Far East and holding responsibility for the destruction of Mikawa, awaits her fate onboard the Testament Union’s ship.

I’m disappointed that no real progress was made, did they really need a whole episode to cheer up Toori, who was just messing around? Wouldn’t the series’s time be better spent, I don’t know, preparing to save Horizon? I mean, actually preparing, not setting up a meeting to start planning on rescuing her…and what’s with not being able to have a meeting without an authorized member? Why not just meet? Who’s gonna stop you from simply getting together in the same room?…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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