C³: A Frail Sphere Glass-like Thing

C3-CubedxCursedxCurious PV

Hey minna,
back with the cursed goodness of the Fall 2011 series C³: CubexCursedxCurious.  Haruaki, Fear, and Konoha encounter their newest villain, Sovereignty (short retraction notice: I apologize for referring to Peavey Barois as “Sovereignty” in previous posts, that was poor researching on my part, and I hope you’ll accept my sincerest apologies. I’ll soon be scouring the previous episodic reviews for C³ to correct this embarrassing error).

Mysterious attacks have befallen several students at the school, and the chairman (the guy in the gas mask) believes a missing cursed doll is behind this.  Fear, determined to help this cursed tool remove her curse, in turn helping remove her own, immediately begins the search.  To their dismay, they met their newest opponent, a cursed tool in the form of a doll, named Sovereignty, who feeds off of the spirit energy of humans, and is able to animate the inanimate to serve as her minions, in this case, stuff animals armed to the teeth with scissors and craft supplies.

For once, the fight isn’t to defeat the enemy, Fear especially wants to help Sovereignty to remove her curse, even Shiraho, who originally released her, just wants to help.  But, does she even want help? This episode leaves us in doubt about whether or not some cursed tools can be helped…and now Konoha has become her latest victim.

Oh yeah, and that part with the fanserv-*gwahhh*nosebleed*falls over onto floor*

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku



6 thoughts on “C³: A Frail Sphere Glass-like Thing

  1. I knew I’d seen the name Sovereignty somewhere before watching Episode 6 today and I just realized it was your blog 😛 It had been niggling at me all day. I kind of liked this episode but was so very confused by the whole doll/case situation and after reading about 5 different blogs about this episode I still have no idea how it works lol.
    I like Sovereignty a lot more then Peavey, hope she sticks around a few episodes.

    • Sovereignty definitely offers more depth to the plot, more than just “some lady is out to kill us…”. Again, I apologize for my mistakes, I’ll try my best to do better in the future.

      • Don’t worry about it. I probably do it too and haven’t realized. I ended up calling the guy from Guilty Crown Purple after all because I couldn’t remember his name. Sovereignty offers more then some lady is out to kill us but currently she is just “Some lady is making everyone unconscious while remaining in the shadows.” It seems like she will get a big dose of characterization soon though.

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