Ben-to: Fish Soup with Hokkaido Salmon 326kcal

Ben-To PV

Hey minna,
back for dinner with my favorite random-action series of the Fall 2011 season, Ben-to. Things are starting to heat up, and it’s not just because of the Hokkaido boxes being discounted at the Ralph Market.  But, aside from the oncoming battle and war about to be waged between east and west wolves, let’s talk about the real meat of the episode…the newest character! The permanently ill, bad-luck-spreading, Asebi Inoue. It’s not known yet if she is a wolf as well, but I think she’d have quite the unique ability being able to curse others she comes into contact with, though her obliviousness to this is very cute (I’d be friends with her if that happened every time she visited a vending machine!).

Jokes aside, Ben-to’s plot took a serious (as serious as fighting for half-priced food can get) turn, with a strong mystery man, the Monarch, declaring an all out war between the wolves of the east and west, to take place in 3 days at the end of the Hokkaido sale in Ralph Market.  After nearly getting killed by the Monarch, does Sato even stand a chance? What’s more, even Yuu (I believe Yarizui referred to him as “The Wizard”) is in league with the Monarch…Sato got past him once, but what about now?

The ending showed us that the Monarch’s ultimate goal is to defeat “you who claim to be the strongest”, meaning a fight between Yarizui and the Monarch seems inevitable, but does Yarizui even stand a chance against this behemoth? I guess I’ll have to wait for the next episode of Muscle Cop, err, I mean Asebi Cute Show,….no, wait…Ben-to!
(What everyone is thinking, though, is will Sato crossdress for his big rematch with the Monarch? And, if so, what will he wear? :3 )

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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