Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Now Saga is Locked in Full-on Battle

“You get into the same bed with a guy you like
and you count stains on the ceiling! That’s se-“

Hey minna,
back after an unnecessary break to catch up on the weekend’s new episodes, starting with Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.  Again with the gaming theme, but we do get to see Kodaka’s little sister join the Neighbor’s Club, and, for once, it genuinely looks like everyone is making friends.

Starting off, after realizing that Marie-san only eats potato chips she gets from Yozora every day, Kodaka decides to make her a proper lunch. Kobata sees this, and, even though she’s also getting a home-cooked lunch to take to school, she feels like she’s being ignored by her big brother, though she tries to hide it behind her vampire persona.  Marie is ecstatic at the food Kodaka brings her and starts calling him “onii-chan”, this plays in later with Kobata, but before that…

Time for another game, this time it’s a still-in-development 3D RPG that Rika is helping to make.  Other than rather unique fanservice, the game serves to prove, once again, that Kodaka is really useless in application…

After working their way to Valhalla Castle to take on the demon king, and Marie-chan leaving the game to sleep on the couch, the party, one-by-one, gets killed off. And, with only Kodaka the only one remaining, he’s almost defeated when, surprisingly, Marie-san’s avatar begins moving again.  Hopeful that the healer Marie-san would restore him and use her magic to defeat the demon kind, Kodaka’s hopes are dashed as her character is destroyed in a blaze of glory during her monologue.  As it turns out, it was Kobata in control of the character, and while intending to save her brother, she ultimately loses the game for the party.  But, she still seems to be happy to get to play with her big brother.  Although, her happiness doesn’t last long, as Marie-san awakens, and gets under Kobata’s skin by calling Kodaka “onii-san”.  

He is HER brother after all, I really feel sympathetic towards Kobata. The scene with her sneaking into Kodaka’s room was cute :3.

Karaoke seems to be next on the neighbor’s club agenda. At this point, anything other than a video game would be preferred.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Now Saga is Locked in Full-on Battle

  1. The episode was alright. The jokes somehow aren’t as funny as before.
    Some jokes but with more characters in this episode. I’m hoping they will improve in the next episode.

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