Guilty Crown: Flux

Guilty Crown

“This is a cruel, unfair world”

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole for the fourth episode of the Fall 2011 series that is pure EPIC, Guilty Crown.  Shu has been taken prisoner by GHQ, after being sold out by Yashiro, and now it’s up to Inori and Undertaker to save him. But everything isn’t as Shu though it was…

 After a short interrogation, Segai, short on answers, decides to take a different approach with Shu.  This gives us to good, short summary of the “Apocalypse Virus” that plagues Japan.  Yashiro, who sold Shu out to the GHQ, dealt Norma Gene to get money for his brother’s treatment in the center adjacent to the prison Shu is being held in.  His brother, like many others, being afflicted by the virus that destabilized the country.  Segai also uses this opportunity to try and plant seeds of doubt about Undertaker and Gai, by showing Shu the video announcing Undertaker’s plan to raid the holding facility. Segai also informs Shu of their intentions to free a comrade….Kenji Kido, a mass murderer, not Shu.  Segai gives Shu a transmitter (disguised as a pen)…Shu takes it, I wonder what’ll become of it.

To Shu’s surprise, he has lawyer…oh wait, it’s Gai in disguise! He comes to inform Shu of the plan to raid the facility in about 5 minutes…Shu’s job is to draw a void from Kenji Kido.  But Shu, thanks to Segai, is very doubtful about Gai and his motives. But, before he can get any answers, the attack begins, and (surprise) Inori is trekking in solo, against Gai’s orders, to pick up Shu from his cell…

“Are you going to move,
or come to a standstill again?”

This is where some of the  acrobatics get a little bit surreal, but Inori pulls it off, so I don’t care, she might as well be straight-up flying, it’ll still be mind blowing.  After dodging Endleaves and explosions, Inori manages to free fall into the facility just as Shu pulls the gravity manipulating Void from Kenji.  (Good thing, or else Inori’s landing would’ve been, stressful, to say the least)

I won’t even bother to describe the epicness of the battle and reunion between Shu and Inori (just watch it, my words can’t do justice to it). I’m also convinced that’s Inori’s void has to be the most useful in all the world, and that’s probably why Gai has her in Undertaker to start with.  Now Shu is left with a dilemma, he chooses to believe in Gai, but keeps the transmitter.  How can Undertaker be justified when they too are also killing soldiers, all in order to protect refugees who refuse to be inoculated to prevent the spread of the virus that nearly toppled Japan? And how long until Shu realizes he is the luckiest son of a gun on the freaking planet (gets to carry Inori in his arms every other day, I’ll admit, I’m jealous).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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