Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episode 5

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Season 2 PV

Hey minna,
back with episode 5 of the most squidtastic series of the Fall 2011 series, Shinryaku! Ika Musume, containing “Isn’t That Radio-Controlled?!”, “Isn’t it Tanabata?!”, “Won’t You Play by Yourself?!”. Same squidding comedy we’ve come to know and love, with solid stories to boot.

In “Isn’t That Radio-Controlled?!”, Takeru and
Ika-chan play with his new R/C car, that he saved up for.  After nearly colliding with Eiko, Ika-chan is revving to go let loose with the car outside, but Takeru wants to protect his hard-earned toy and says he wants to keep it inside. Disappointed, Ika-chan concedes…until Takeru leaves the house to play with another friend, then she decides to take the car out for a quick spin on the beach.  The fun doesn’t last long, as Ika-chan unintentionally runs the car clear into a stone wall. After a futile attempt at pacifying Takeru before admitting her crime, Takeru receives a new and improved R/C, compliments of the MIT stooges, complete with….hovercraft capabilities?! They should’ve called this episode “Isn’t that R/C Car Squidding Flying?!”

“Isn’t it Tanabata?” focuses on, well, Tanabata.  The story is most centered on Ika-chan trying to figure out her one wish to put on the bamboo stalk.  Narrowing it down from “Eat lots of shrimp”, “grow taller”, and, of course “Conquer the land” is very difficult for her, but, luckily, she has great friends willing to help her out. Takeru and friends even take care of “Conquer the land” and “Play a lot” for her.  After finally settling on “Eat an ocean of shrimp”, Ika-chan takes a look at some of the wishes others have put up on the bamboo stalk.  After shuttering in fear of what some of the others wish to do with Ika-chan…she simple wishes for safety, a good choice, in my opinion.

Finally, “Why Don’t You Play by Yourself?!” gives light into the daily activities of the lone squid girl, perfectly docile and easily amused inside the home by television. But, once outside, her imagination roams as she explores and plays on everything.  Letting nothing keep her back, she scales the highs and lows of her surroundings, in search of single-handed fun. By that, I mean, she teaches Takeru how to play by yourself, by either enjoying television or finding your own amusement at places like the park from simple objects such as walls or ants.
The comedy stays pure and the characters lovable. Shinryaku! Ika Musume, you have no complaints from me.
Until next time,
– Belden Otaku

2 thoughts on “Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episode 5

  1. It was good to finally get to see some more squid girl. I’ve missed her a bit in the past week. The humor is so great I love it when she smacks herself in the face with the ball. The Tanabata wishes were also laughable. I love it how everyone just wanted to use her in some way or another. She is wise to pray for safety.

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