Gundam AGE: The White Wolf

Hey minna,
back with the series that I’m slowly growing to like more and more, Gundam AGE. Sure, at first, I was largely disappointed (mostly that it wasn’t Gundam 00), but I’ve slowly grown to get over it and take AGE for what it is, a series that should be graded by it’s own rubric.  While the character designs still scream “CHILDREN’S COLORING BOOK!!!”, and the generally mechanics (of everything, really) still bother me, I’m definitely getting into the plot.

Especially now that they’ve stumbled upon the UE mothership.  But first, a new character, Wolf Enneacle, or simply, “The White Wolf”. An veteran pilot of the Mobile Suit Grand Prix Race, he joined the Federation Armed Forces after defeating everyone he raced against. Being the arrogant prick that he is, he sets his sights on a new prize, Flit’s Gundam.  Wolf challenges Flit to a mock battle, winner takes the Gundam. Hesitant at first, Flit agrees after Emily starts egging Wolf on, secretly, she hopes Flit will lose the Gundam, stop all this soldier stuff, and leave the Diva with her and Dique.

To battle they go, after moving to a safe distance away from the Diva, Wolf and Flit commence their space-aged paintball fight…rather childish in practice, but they did stumble onto the UE mothership which has somehow evaded both radar and optical sensors.  A short fight for dear life starts, with Flit and Wolf essentially defenseless with their (for all intensive purposes) paintball guns.  Thanks to Wolf’s tactics, Flit is allowed to go back to the Diva, where he picks up the DODS rifle and heads back to help Wolf.

Upon returning, (big surprise) Flit is essentially useless, so Wolf has to take the DODS rifle and explode a few meteorites so he and Flit can make their getaway, but they also lose track of the UE ship. I guess this episode was to show Flit’s imperfections and unease at battle, but, first off, why is a 10-year-old taking on a Grand Prix champ? Second, what will Flit choose to do when he figures out Emily’s true intentions for backing the fight?  One more annoying character in this medley of oddballs, for once, it’s not a compliment.  Grudeck seems to know something about the UE that has yet to be revealed to everyone else, so I’m interested in what the next episode has in store.

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– BeldenOtaku


16 thoughts on “Gundam AGE: The White Wolf

    • And why does it only make one? Wouldn’t it more beneficial to have an entire squad or fleet equipped with these rifles?
      Not to mention the other purposes the AGE System could have…why not have it analyze cancer research and make a cure? Why not have it analyze the earth’s atmosphere and make something to fix the whole CO2 problem? A whole plethora of possibilities…and they use it to make a single rifle…

        • Possibly just the Gundam’s weapon system, that it takes into battle, and can be manually adapted? But to just give it omnipotent “super adaptability” is a slap in the face to viewers looking for depth.

      • The Gundam AGE system relies on a supply of suitable raw materials. Given that the Diva and the Nora survivors had to make a hasty escape, I don’t think they’ve got enough suitable processed raw materials to produce weapons systems to outfit squadrons of mobile suits.

        The Gundam AGE Builder system’s capabilities are extraordinary to be sure, but thus far, they have not been overstated so I don’t know why you’re even taking issue with it not being used to “cure cancer” or solving pollution problems.

        Granted, the Gundam AGE Builder system is the show’s deus ex machina mechanic but it really boils down to a convenient marketing gimmick and game mechanic that Bandai can exploit. I think you’re over-thinking the concept if you believe it’s supposed to add any sort of depth to the story.

        • Not enough raw materials?…that makes sense. (Though I feel it would have been beneficial to have more than one…)
          Sorry, I’ll admit I was being a little bit cyclical with the criticisms of AGE system, but I definitely feel that a system capable of analyzing massive amounts of data and presenting (as well as manufacturing) a solution shouldn’t just be restricted to use of a single suit.
          And, agreed, if I get too bogged down on the in-consistencies of the AGE system, I’ll miss out on the rest of the story.
          Thanks for the input! I can tell you really thought it through, I love it when people can logically argue a point and make me change my mind. :3

            • Perhaps the Gundam has a syncing system of some sort, that let’s it use the data analyzed by the AGE system to properly use the DODS rifle….or maybe Flit is just selfish and doesn’t wanna share :3

            • The fact that anyone can use the DODS Rifle doesn’t render the Gundam irrelevant because the effectiveness of the weapon and the effectiveness of the weapons platform are two different things.

              An RGE-B790 Genoace may be able to fire that DODS Rifle, but that doesn’t magically turn that Genoace into a mobile suit that’s equivalent in performance to the Gundam. The Genoace still won’t have the Gundam’s superior armour, speed, agility and technology.

            • This is true, maybe the DODS rifle is an example of “It’s not the weapon, the wielder that matters”, if a suit can’t perform well enough to utilize the rifle’s capabilities, then, regardless of its power, the suit still won’t cut in a fight.

  1. “… why is a 10-year-old taking on a Grand Prix champ?”

    Flit is actually 14 years old but point taken. Realistically, the whole issue of Flit remaining the pilot of the Gundam defies sense, let alone pitting a kid against an adult ace combat pilot with years of experience.

    Aside from the ethical and moral issue (from Grudeck’s position as captain) of Flit being made a “child soldier”, Flit is the only person who truly understands the Gundam and the Gundam AGE system. He’s far too valuable a technical asset to be put in direct combat. Losing him would be a significant set-back.

    But I think it’s more than likely that the show is doing whatever it takes to adhere to the typical anime formula of “kids in impossible situations, doing impossible things”.

    “… Bruzzar seems to know something about the UE that has yet to be revealed to everyone else,”

    Bruzzar is dead. I think you mean Grudeck.

    • Yes, I meant Grudeck, my apologies, I’ll make the necessary changes. (Watching a half dozen series tends to catch up to me when it comes to remembering names, but, thanks to close readers like yourself, I’m able to correct mistakes) :3
      I also thought this while I was reading your comment… “Why is a Grand Prix champion challenging a 14-year-old?” And then “Why is the entire crew (or what seems like the entire crew) essentially rooting on this mismatched fight?” and finally “Why is a Grand Prix champion not pwning a 14-year-old?” Flit did get some shots in and for a while it looked close, y’know, until the UE showed up.
      I think there’s a fine line between “defying the odds to save they day” and pure illogical storytelling.

      • As to the reason why Wolf wasn’t owning Flit, you could say that Wolf actually did totally own Flit, *if* this had been real combat.

        At 12m:37s, where they show the damage location display on the HUD, you’ll see that Wolf had already scored four hits on Flit just seconds into the duel.

        If this were actual combat, and with all other factors being equal, Wolf just took out both of Flit’s shoulders and right leg while the torso hit would likely have been outright fatal, while Flit hadn’t scored a single hit at that point.

        Wolf actually lived up to his reputation as an ace pilot. But since this was just a simulated duel and the conditions for victory were limited to just the number of hits, Flit had the opportunity to go all “New Type” on Wolf; an opportunity that he never would have gotten if this were real combat.

        You’ve made some very good points regarding the set-up for the duel.

        To me, it looks like a classic writing pitfall where the writers have their characters do something that’s illogical and/or inconsistent with their nature, without justification given, just so they can introduce conflict.

        For instance, Wolf is supposed to be a top tier professional, and no top tier professional would even think of participating in a duel where they significantly outclass their opponent in almost every way.

        Any victory won in such a duel would be absolutely meaningless— not to mention severely damaging to an ace pilot’s reputation. “Taking candy away from a baby” is not something an ace pilot wants to brag about, so it makes no sense for someone like Wolf to agree to duel Flit.

        In my opinion, if the writers had been consistent with Wolf’s character, then his gigantic ego would have precluded him from the duel from the very start.

        It’s certainly a gaff in the writing.

        • Another point, if Flit is so necessary to operating the Gundam, why does the crew seem to endorse a fight that decides who pilots it? Wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest (provided that he’s gonna pilot it, anyway) that Flit remain pilot? And, therefore, not want some kind of fight over it…
          The writing constantly confounds (apparently, not just) me, but…I’ll keep watching to see how it turns out.

          • “Another point, if Flit is so necessary to operating the Gundam, why does the crew seem to endorse a fight that decides who pilots it?”

            Now this is conjecture on my part, but I suspect this Gundam might have something similar to the psycommu system or the psyco-frame. It might be highly optimized for New Type use, so putting a normal pilot in the Gundam won’t achieve nearly the same performance levels.

            The crew wouldn’t be aware of this, and thus wouldn’t realize how critical Flit (who has latent New Type style abilities) is to the Gundam’s operation. They’d be under the assumption the Gundam’s pilots are interchangeable, as with any other mobile suit, and wouldn’t be aware of the true cost if Flit wasn’t appointed the pilot of the Gundam.

            Like I said, that’s just speculation and I could be completely off the mark. We’re only into the 4th episode of this new series so we’ve yet to see how Gundam AGE will handle certain common Gundam technical concepts.

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