C Cubed: CubexCursedxCurious: Even If I Were to be Cursed

C3-CubedxCursedxCurious PV

Hey minna,
back with a new cursed episode of C Cubed: CubexCursedxCurious.   Kirika becomes a character of serious interest (as well as fanservice) and, once again, I feel like the most under-informed.  Good news, Peavey appears to be totally out of the picture and Fear is closer to controlling her cursed powers.

Back to the epic battle between our gang of cursed tools and Peavey minus an arm plus a new waas.  Haruaki and Konoha can’t seem to break through Peavey’s defenses, but, fortunately for them, Fear decides to become selfish and fight using cursed tools.  She beats back Peavey and has her moment of revelation, saying, if she acts strange, that Haruaki and Konoha should kill her, because she’s decided, with no reason, to trust the two of them to help her, so now she’ll help them.  After a short stake out in the house, Sovereignty takes unsuspecting Kirika hostage, forcing Fear’s hand.  She comes out of the house in order to retrieve Kirika, but get cheated as Peavey slices Kirika wide open….

Peavey’s past and motives are revealed as well, it seems she fights against cursed tools because of something that happened to her family as a child. Perhaps a cursed tool was used on her mother and caused something horrible to happen to her father, any way it happened, it’s left her scared and frantic for revenge.  Her pride so blinds her that she even kills her auxiliary, Mummy Maker, in the previous episode, then has a fault of poor judgement when she’s laying there, dying, calling out for Mummy Maker to save her…

Fighting for her sanity, Fear is barely able to keep a level head, but holds on long enough to put Haruaki and Konoha in position to destroy the waas Dance Party and deal some severe damage to Peavey.  With feigning breath, Peavey tries to take one last shot, literally, with her gun.  Though, quite serendipitously, she’s stopped by none other than Kirika, who, aside from recovered from essentially being cut in half, has the use of some kind of whip-type waas.  She restrains Peavey and has her taken to a “facility”…

As it turns out, Kirika is an unwilling member of a research organization, whose only goal to study waas and cursed objects, her original task was to observe Haruaki and Konoha, but now her plans have changed. Aside from a waas that prevents her from taking any external damage so long as she doesn’t remove it, she also drops a new piece of confusion when she gives Fear the “Indulgence Disc” from the Dance Party waas.  Not much is known about the Indulgence Discs, but apparently it has helped Fear to control her Iron Maiden form….

C Cubed, giving us just enough information to get the story going, but still confusing me to no end.  (Though it’s making more sense than Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon…but that isn’t saying much) Now Kirika is more informed than the rest of us on cursed tools, but at least it’s good to now that Fear has another ally, although I do some bad feelings about this Yamimagari Pakuaki’s Laboratory Kingdom. And top of all that…Fear isn’t the only piece of fanservice any more.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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