Ben-to: Ginger Fried Pork Bento 852kcal

Ben-To PV

Hey minna,
back with my favorite half-priced meal in this Fall 2011 series, Ben-to.  We’re introduced to a new character and see Yo really fight it out for dinner.  Not to mention enough fanservice to make the most hardened fan blush with excitement.

Guess who comes for a visit…Yo’s cousin, and bento fighter, Ayame Shaga, also known as the Beauty by the Lake.  Fanservice, fanservice, fanservice, Yo getting embarrassed, etc…then we move onto the real meat and beans of the episode, Ayame and her fighting style. Sen keenly points out, in the fight between the Ice Queen and Beauty by the Lake, that Ayame doesn’t keep the food she’s fighting for in mind, and without that, she’s just being mindlessly violent.

Yo also takes from her lesson and looks to the bento he hopes to take home, and uses it as a driving motivator to fight through the crowd and a mysterious fighter, who I think will come up again later, but, for now, he just got his butt kicked and lost the bento prize.

Rather interesting aside, their seems to be some mysterious organization watching the bento fighters…probably more to come in later episodes of Muscle Cop, err, I mean, Ben-To.

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(I can’t see Sen crying anytime soon…)

Until next time
– BeldenOtaku


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