Working’!!: Manhole Spiral & Wagnaria’s Big Stomach

Working!! Season 2 PV

Hey minna,
back with a double feature of Working’!!, episodes 4 and 5.  Featuring Wagnaria’s newest entree, a missing wife and small child, drizzled with a few love triangles, with a side of maturity for the manager.  This slice of life series keeps the comedy going strong while still being able to develop the characters with each episode.

Starting in “Manhole Spiral”, we get our first (and maybe last) look at Otoo’s wife, as she appears from, you guessed it, a manhole before Kyoko and Yachio on their way to the market.  But, before they know what’s happened, she vanishes.  Yachio is the only one of the two that realizes it’s Otoo’s wife, but she’s too upset that she got away to tell anyone, much less Otoo-san himself.  In between Yachio’s downcast moods, there comes room for a couple love triangles, as misunderstanding of the situation spreads through Wagnaria.  But, after Yachio comes clean to Otoo, receives his thanks, and cheers up, the confusion clears up just in time to keep Takanashi and Inami from ruining their potential relationship…if this episode shows us anything, it’s that these two are definitely ending up together.  Both of them were distraught at the thought of the other being interested in someone else, though, Inami was more truly upset than Takanashi (needs to learn a thing or two about how to refer to other girls, specifically, they don’t much prefer to be related to dogs…)

“Wagnaria’s Big Stomach” focuses on the manager, Kyoko, and her bad habit of eating all the food. Everyone seems to fed up with it and Takanashi, Sato, and Soma decide to do something about it…so they send in Soma to tell a white lie about low food supplies, which keeps Kyoko from eating the restaurant’s food, despite her gnawing hunger.  Later, Takanashi kidnaps, err, I mean, comes across a lost girl behind the restaurant and takes her inside before it starts raining.  After an afternoon of trial and error, and Takanashi’s fantasies run amuck, the girl’s mother is found and the girl is returned safely. But not before we get the chance to go “Awwwww, so cute” at the manager’s newfound maturity thanks to this small child, who offers the manager some of her cake, only to be, in turn, fed by Kyoko.  Showing that the manager can really do anything she sets her mind to….until she’s allowed to eat again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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