Guilty Crown: Self Possession

Guilty Crown

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole for the third episode of what’s become, hands down, my favorite series of the Fall 2011 series, Guilty Crown.  This episode focuses more on character development and explaining Voids, as well as general mischief in Shu’s case.

Aside from the obvious *dur-hur*Inori is in his class now*dur-hur*, Shu has the feeling that Undertaker isn’t leaving him alone.  As if things weren’t awkward enough in class, now Shur finds out that Tsugumi jimmied the lock on his apartment and now Inori will be staying to protect him. But the lull doesn’t last long, as Inori takes Shu to meet Gai to take care of  a very grave matter.

Back in the slums, someone saw Gai and Shu, and could possibly identify them.  This is when Gai reveals that he can sense a person’s void, and that he’s described the void to Inori, Shu’s job is to pull the void from everyone at his school and find the one who saw them.  This also gives Shu a chance to practice his new power.

As is turns out, voids have a few guidelines: they can only be pulled from people seventeen years or younger, when you withdraw a void from someone, they lose their memory of the time surrounding the incident.  After a hilariously embarrassing failed first attempt, Inori tells Shu the next guideline, (similar to Code Geass, I know) the person you’re taking the void from must think you’re making eye contact with them.  This sets Shu up for a mass void-draw all over the school.  After a couple dozen misses, Shu asks why each person’s void is different, and what kind of void is he supposed to be looking for.  Inori says only that they are shaped by experiences and complexes, and that they are looking for shears…

Unfortunately, Shu finds out that it’s the class nice guy, Yahiro, who uses the drug Norma Gene to cope with the front he has to put up for other people.   After withdrawing the void and confirming Yahiro as the witness, Inori moves to shoot Yahiro, as per Gai’s orders, but Shu talks her out it.  He and Yahiro promise each other to keep their secrets, and now Shu is seeing into himself as well as into other people, especially concerning the faces they all put on for other people.

Unfortunately for Shu, not everyone is as honest as he’d like. Yahiro double-crosses him and leaves him on the side of the tracks for the GHQ forces waiting.  What’ll happen now? Especially with that crazed doctor now in the mix.

Just a little side note, what really impressed me this episode was the music.  I had to rewatch several scenes because I was more into the BGM than the dialogue and totally missed what happened. “My Dearest” is now one of the top songs on my player, and I kinda want to get all the background inserts from the series.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


13 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Self Possession

  1. Man didn’t see that coming. (boob grab) -.-
    I’m pretty sure the next episode will be an awesome one.
    Shu please be awesome.
    This anime show could go like ‘Its over 9000!!’ if Shu were to be replaced with Gai.

      • Ermm.. You have a good point there.
        I guess it would probably be similar.

        If it wasn’t for Inori. I’m pretty sure the anime would suck right now.

        • Well, let’s not also forget if Shu was perfect, it wouldn’t be watchable because there’d be no where for him to go and there’d be no series, likewise, if he didn’t learn from his mistakes, it’d be unwatchable as well. It’s still relatively early, so he’s bound to screw up….though I think he really really REALLY should’ve kept a better eye on Yashiro…

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