Tamayura~hitotose~: Sounds of Shiomachi Island

Tamayura~hitotose~ PV

Hey minna,
back with another episode of my slice of life series for the Fall 2011 season, Tamayura~hitotose.  Fu and friends take a trip to Shiomachi Island (in case you can’t read titles…) to visit Maon’s family inn and Fu’s grandfather.  This episode really centers around Maon-chan, but also has a few lessons for Fu as well, as expected of a slice of life.

Maon spends most of the episode a little flustered, as she meets up with the rest of the group at her family’s inn, but determined to keep them out of a part of the house…for reasons later explained.  She also seems a little uncomfortable when she is performing her jobs at the inn, like serving tea and moving bags, but all the while insisting it’s not a problem.  This is all building up to a great character development for Maon-chan at the end…but first…

Fu and friends explore around the town, letting Norie play around with Kou, until Komachi shows up (coincidence?), visiting a local theater with some (at the time) unknown meaning to Maon-chan, and generally playing around until they meet up with Fu and Kou’s grandfather…the resemblance is very humorous.   After a short introduction and a snack, Maon must return to the inn to show in guests they met in town.  Thanks to Fu’s grandfather, the girls realize that, even though Maon may not be completely confident, she has a real heart to serve the guests of the hotel.

Which brings up the question, later, why is it that Maon seems so conflicted between the inn and the theater they visited earlier? Despite Maon’s outright refusal, Norie and Karou get some answers.  Maon’s secret is out, she changes dreams with the seasons, but her parents, very supportive, hope that she’ll one day follow something that interests her, and that they’re very proud of her work for the inn, but they’ll be happy so long as she follows her heart.

Fu also sees in Maon’s father what, she believes, her father has for her, a protective and supportive love.  Very good development all around.  Which leaves the promo for the next episode…what? you mean….really? Oh yeah, that overly-emotional girl from the first episode. Chihiro comes for a visit next time, stock up on tissues, and come back next time for the be-sure-not-to-miss slice of life, Tamayura~hitotose.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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