Gundam AGE: The Twisted Colony

Now that you have power,
you have the responsibility that comes with it.

Hey minna,
back with ever slightly more interesting series of the Fall 2011 season, Gundam AGE. The space colony Nora is on the verge of torsional collapse and the only hope for saving its citizens is to tow the core, with refugees onboard, out of the colony shell using the newly constructed battleship Diva, while Flit deals with UE outside the colony using his Gundam mobile suite equipped with the AGE systems DODS rifle.   This series started rather poorly, in my opinion, leaving me very disappointed, to say the least.  But, after giving it a few episodes, it’s grown on me. Ignoring the annoyances (like overly cutesy character designs, cliche dialogue, and odd mechanics), Gundam AGE seems to be a fairly decent series. Definitely not a top pick for the season, but I’m not going to drop it.

Back to the story, Flit takes on the UE and, thanks to Yurin, a girl he saved before the colony collapse and who apparently has Innovate-like powers, is able to keep them from stopping the rescue of the colonists.  Flit is able to see the pattern of the UE’s movements and attack formations, adding more to the idea that these are machines, not people, they’re fighting.  But Flit isn’t able to stop another UE suit from attacking the command post inside Nora, preventing Commander Brazzar from detaching the core from the shell.

Using every ounce of strength, Brazzar works his way to a sealed off construction unit to separate the core, while Flit keeps the UE suit busy outside the colony.  It was touch and go for a while, even to a point where Flit had only one more shot with the DODS rifle, but he and the Commander stood strong, and were able to save the colonists from the collapsing shell.  Complete with a few cliche last words from the Commander to Flit about his responsibility that comes with the Gundam’s power, the heros ride off, the lost colony weighing heavily on them.

The next episode seems to take no down time for the refugees of Nora colony, as a new battle appears on the horizon, along with a new character that I have a bad feeling about. With a title like “The White Wolf”, I don’t think things are slowing down.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Gundam AGE: The Twisted Colony

  1. One the series that I decided not to watch. Sort of lost my enchantment with series after the Gundam Seed franchise.

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