Ben-to: Large Serving of Cheese-Filled Katsu Curry 1080kcal

Ben-To PV

Hey minna,
running with the wolves again in the third episode of this Fall 2011 series, Ben-to.  You is still learning what it means to truly be wolf, and he’s getting better at fighting for his meals as well, though he could stand to learn a bit about how to deal with the class president, or other people in general.

After being harassed around campus by Ume, Yo and Hana set off for dinner once again, but are met outside the supermarket by captain of the kendo team and leader of the Gundogs, Yamahara.  He offers to let them join the Gundogs, and promises they’ll never go hungry.  The gundog strategy is to use half the team to block while the other half take their picks, after claiming their meal, the two sides switch, playing off the rule that you can’t attack someone that has their meal, so everyone else can’t touch the defensive line while the rest pick up dinner.  Yo is excited at first, and very much happy to be getting food every night.

But, Yo isn’t satisfied with this, he can’t quite nail it down, but something isn’t right.  This is when he realizes, that getting food at half-price isn’t what was fun about the fights, it was taking on stronger opponents that made the food so delicious and the price worth fighting for.

“Winning against stronger opponents is what makes it fun.
It’s boring if you can just pick up your meal.
The food you obtain by fighting wolves, is tear-jerkingly good.”

Let Ben-to be a lesson to you, never skip the promo! Who was that girl in Yo’s bed? Wasn’t she the one he remembered playing the fighting game with? Why does she want to play video games?

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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