Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: There are no flags at the pool

Hey minna,
back after a short trip, time to play catchup.  First on the roster, episode 3 of the Fall 2011 series, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.  So far, our trio, Kodoka, Sena, and Yozora have created the “Neighbor’s Club” and have (haphazardly) been trying to learn how to make friends.  This episode takes a deviation form friend-making and looks in the backstory of Kodoka a bit, as well as develops the relations of KodakaxSena and KodokaxYozora.

Kodaka and his sister, Kobata, live alone since their father left to work in America, but, thanks to a friendship between their father and the chairman of the school board, Kodaka was able to get in and stay in Japan along with his sister, who he dotes on rather lovingly.

After being driven to tears from reading her eroge game (thanks to Yozora), Sena admits to Kodoka that she can’t swim, but wants to learn for when a character in her dating sim comes along…lots and lots and lots and lots and lots….and lots and lots and lots of fanservice, pure fanservice.  Though Kodaka does show his tough side when Sena tries to pick a fight with some punks at the pool, and scolds her for doing that.  This is first time anyone has taken a attitude with Sena, and she’s taken aback at first, but I think she’s slowly learning that she needs to stop talking down to people like she has.

Yozora’s storyline isn’t as long, but definitely worth mentioning. While asleep in the clubroom, Kodaka has a dream from 10 years ago, when a friend (apparently his best friend at the time) stood up for him, and from there out, they were the best of friends.  He stammers “Just make real friends that you care about 100 times as much”…to this, Yozora says “Kodaka…you remember.” Now, she then plays it off and Kodaka leaves the clubroom.

I don’t think Kodaka realizes this…but I think Yozora was his best friend back in the first grade…

Next episode seems to finally introduce some new characters (if they don’t, then the promo is a lie and I’m seriously wondering if these people actually want friends), can’t wait for the next meeting of the Neighbor’s Club.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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