Guilty Crown: Survival of the Fittest

Guilty Crown

You can become one of the selected,
or you can adapt and change…
Believe. You can do it for sure…

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole, for the second episode of the drop-dead awesome series of the Fall 2011 season, Guilty Crown.  This gives us a clearer image of what happened in the first episode, along with the start of a battle between our hero and and a corrupt system for the fate of innocent people.

Ouma Shu’s newfound power is called the King’s Power, and was derived from the Void Genome, which was what Inori was tasked to deliver before she was taken captive by the GHQ’s Anti Bodies.  Originally intended for Gai’s use, the King’s Power “can analyze intron sequences in the human genome, and draw out the power hidden within them by converting them into Voids”.  A Void is an idea that has acquired form, the sword Ouma used in the first episode was made from Inori’s Void, and, likewise, other people can be used to make unique Voids.  According to Gai, Ouma is no longer able to stand by, he now has responsibility to use his power…

Gai calls on Ouma to join his resistance, Undertaker, committed to fighting the Special Virus Disaster Response Bureau, also known as the “Anti Bodies”, a ruthless group of militants given the approval to use backhanded tactics to suppress anyone they deem is against the GHQ.  Following episode 1’s battle, the Anti Bodies move to take over 100 refugees who took cover in an abandoned parking garage hostage. Ouma agrees to help Undertaker free the hostages.  Using Gai’s amazing tactical forecasting, Undertaker moves the Anti Body forces in a stalemate, just before Ouma unleashes his King’s Power to move through the perimeter and pick up the “Kaleidoscope” from GHQ’s most ruthless solider, Daryl Yan.  Ouma uses the Kaleidoscope to turn the Anti Body’s weapons against them, literally obliterating them where they stood, and freeing the hostages.

“Survival of the Fittest”…Gai’s philosophy, but not in the usual sense.  Undertaker stands to mourn those who have fallen, but, in doing so, show that they are survivors, and they stand to protect the people, for those who’ve passed.  Episode 2 does a great job of introducing the wide medley of characters in Guilty Crown, from Ayase and Tsugumi of Undertaker, to Major Guin and Yan of the Anti Bodies, also introducing the Endlave machines and the tactical aspect of the series.

In the end, Shu decides to not join Undertaker in favor of returning to his everyday life….or so he thinks.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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