Working’!! : “What’s behind the Slump?”

Working!! Season 2 PV

Hey minna,
back with the third course of the Fall 2011 series, Working’!! (Season 2).  This episode focuses on Takanashi-kun’s sisters, Izumi and Nazuna in particular, beginning with Nazuna freelancing at Wagnaria, for some unknown and probably irrelevant reason.

Focusing on Nazuna, she spends some time in Wagnaria and gets involved in the abnormal happenings Takanashi-kun has to deal with….everyday.  I believe this the first she sees, firsthand, the “tough love” Inami has for Takanashi-kun, and wishes him good luck with it (?).  She also faces the, uhm, wrath(?) of Yamada. Yamada feels she’s being purposely outdone by Nazuna, and is upset that everyone treats her better, or at least that what she thinks.  But, being as clever as her older brother, Nazuna crafts a plan to win over Yamada, by playing to her pride, and making her out to be a sempai to her, and letting Yamada’s ego take care the rest (well played, young Nazuna, you show wisdom beyond your years, indeed).

Onto Izumi, Takanashi-kun’s older sister whose a struggling novelist…and quite lazy (I won’t say depressed, that’s not quite it).  Lately, Izumi has been in a slump when it comes to her romance novels, and it only deepens when she hears from Nazuna that Sota has a “special relationship” with Izumi, though Izumi mistakes Inami for Taneshima, who she also believes to be an elementary schooler.  Grief-stricken at the though of Sota, her primary care-giver, being a pedophile in a relationship with a young girl, Izumi leaves the house in search for personal answers.  She finds kittens…though I must admit, Izumi looks much better with a smile and in a whiter attire.  Inami comes across the novelist outside the grocery store, and helps her get back on her feet after being exhausted by the kittens. Izumi finds new strength in trying to keep Sota at home taking care of her…so long as Sota prepares dinner, that is.

Working’!! is going strong into its second season and I can’t wait to see what Wagnaria has in store next week.

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