Tamayura~hitotose~ : “Arrival! Battles Girls”

Tamayura~hitotose~ PV

Hey minna,
time for some light-hearted goodness with episode 3 of Tamayura~hitotose~.  This episode centers around food…starting with Grandma’s delicious “Tamayura Plate” and peach gelatin.  Fu, as well as Norie and Kou’s friend Komachi, learns the feelings behind delicious foods, and the simple joy they can bring people.

While at lunch, Fu tries to capture the deliciousness of the food on film, but isn’t satisfied with the results. Even after asking Maestro at the film shop for advice, she was still at a loss as to how she could capture that tasty feeling you get from good food.

But Norie takes center stage as young stalker, Komachi, reveals that she, as an ally of justice, will be putting an end to Norie’s evil schemes…by that, she means, she’ll get back at Norie for gushing over Fu’s brother Kou, whom she also likes (like like-like :3 ).  Their new-found rivalry comes to a head, in the form of a cook-off for Kou’s affections, little though he may know of it.  Komachi learns that cooking is all about the feeling you want those who eat your food to have. Fu also learns from this, and finally captures pictures that hold the delicious feeling she’s been looking for.

Long story short, Norie and Komachi settle for a tie as Kou declares that both Norie’s peach gelatin and Komachi’s hot cakes are equally delicious (I may have seen this coming, but it was still pretty cute).  Suddenly, Tamayura~hitotose~ has a love-interest aspect, but it’s probably just a cute aside from the rest of the series, and I don’t think Komachi has anything to worry about.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku 



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