Ben-To: Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal

Ben-To PV

Those who’ve once tasted blood,
can never be dogs again…

Hey minna,
back to fight for my lunch in the second episode of the Fall 2011 series, Ben-To.  This episode introduces us to the wider array that all gather to fight for the ultimate prize…half-priced ben-to.  Yo and Hana become full-fledged members of the “Half-priced Food Lovers Club” and learn the ways of the wolf.

1. Keep the peace while the God of Discounts is around.
(Don’t start fighting until the store manager has finished pricing the boxes)
2. Don’t take more than what fills your stomach.
(Pretty self-explanatory, only take what you need, don’t be greedy)
3. Have respect. Have pride.
(The most important rule of a wolf, and one that Yo spends most of the episode learning)

Among the Ben-To fighters, Yo gets introduced to Beardy, Monk, and Brunette, each nicknamed from their appearance (courtesy of Hana).  Each also follows the laws of the wolves, and, outside a fight, respect one another, and seem almost friendly.  They even stand together against the non-law abiding Storm (rugby team who takes all the Ben-To) and the Boar (a middle-aged woman who harasses the God of Discounts to take the Ben-To before anyone else has a chance).  This is where Yo learns his wolf pride, but he’s no fool, as soon as the Storm and Boar have been dealt with, the wolves turn back to their normal priorities and begin to fight for the half-price ben-to.

Yo is also introduced to the “Wizard”, who, we find out later, was once a member of the Half-priced Food Lovers club as well.  It’s the Wizard who reminds Yo of his wolf pride, just as he is about to give up at the sight of the brewing Storm and charging Boar.  Without his inspiration, Yo never would’ve taken on the Boar, and held out against the Storm, to ultimately claim the grand prize…the Honor Seal. A special seal the God of Discounts places on his favorite box, whosoever claims this box, is declared the winner-of-sorts for the day.

The action is heart-pounding and Yo is really learning how to hold his own in the pack of wolves.  The next episode, I have no clue, seems like backstory and about something more centered around Hana.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Ben-To: Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal

  1. Much better episode than the first, since thing are starting to make more sense?! Well, to short quote Overlord-G and one reason why I am still watching this show: “Ume Shiraume!” 😀

    • “First rule of Half-priced Food Lover’s Club, don’t talk about Half-priced Food Lover’s Club”, I’m expecting this to come up soon, just for (as Sen puts it) for “Shits and giggles”.

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