Shinryaku! Ika Musume ~ Episodes 2 & 3

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Season 2 PV

Hey minna,
back with a double feature of Shinryaku! Ika Musume, episodes 2 and 3,  “Won’t You Go to Elementary School!?, Won’t You Cosplay!?, Aren’t You Lighter!?” and “Won’t You Go for a Walk!?, Won’t You Exercise!?, Won’t You Help People!?” respectively.

Episode 2 starts with a typical episode frame, Ika-chan is curious about the school Takeru goes to and decides to accompany him, she ends up inadvertently stealing the affections of his class and begins her conquest anew with the support of the class. Until she dares cross the path of some uppity students playing soccer, yet again, she gets distracted with pride (despite her inability to actually play soccer) and tries to win more respect from her subjects as she challenges the kids for control of the field. Long story short, the kids decide to just share the field and fake Ika-chan’s victory…and then the teacher returns with ice cream, leaving Ika-chan by the wayside.  “Won’t You Cosplay” follows Nagisa and Ayumi as they dress up to gain confidence, which inspires Ika-chan to change her appearance, this doesn’t go over well and she quickly reverts to her usual “cosplay”.  “Aren’t You Lighter!?” was my favorite of episode 2 as it proved that Ika-chan is an invader of both land AND air, using her weight-adjusting bracelets (typically used to offset weight and increase the strength of her tentacles), Ika-chan can reduce her weight to near zero and ride the wind….until a larger bird has other plans.

Episode three starts off with a funny little side story between Ika-chan and Alex, Sanae’s pet dog.  Jealous his owner’s affection toward Ika-chan, Alex is left no choice but show who’s boss ’round these parts…and bites Ika-chan.  To remedy the situation, Sanae and Eiko propose that Ika-chan walk Alex and bond with him.  While a little cold at first, Alex warms up to Ika-chan and they really connected as they double-teamed against a large dog holding Ika’s sandal hostage. Though Alex’s fondness for her quickly dissipates  as Sanae lavishes all her sympathy on Ika-chan instead of Alex. “Won’t You Exercise!?” follows Ika-chan’s interest in the morning stretch routines of some school kids on the beach, after some misunderstandings later at the Lemon, Ika joins the kids for the exercises, finding them quite useful to getting herself energized in the morning. Her excitement doubles as she learns that filling the stamp-spaces on her attendance card will garner her a prize, though she is banned from returning after trying to cheat her way to the prize by faking the stamps on her card.  Finally, “Won’t You Help People?!” shows Ika’s dedication to the ocean, even to those who enjoy it like her, as she volunteers (bribed, really) to be a lifeguard with Goro. Though she had a rough start, seemingly more concerned with the ocean’s safety than the safety of the beach-goers, she shines in the end, saving the lives of four young boys who strayed too far out into the water.

Episodes three and four continue the light-hearted humor that Shinryaku! has slated for itself.  I’m really appreciated the detailed backgrounds and transition shots, definitely stepping up it’s game for the second season.  As always, a great way to enjoy a relaxing end to the day and I look forward to the next episode of Shinryaku! Ika Musume.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Shinryaku! Ika Musume ~ Episodes 2 & 3

    • I’m gonna miss my weekly dose of Ika-chan, but the count does put it much farther ahead of other Fall series, so maybe holding back a bit will do the series overall some good.

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