Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

You may be able to if you try.
But you’ll never be able to if you don’t.

Hey minna,
back on this great NewAnimeThursday to go over the premier of the Fall 2011 series, Guilty Crown.  In short, I’m blown away.  I knew this was going to be a series to take seriously, but I had no idea it would be THIS good.  But first, for those who have yet to experience this wonder of wonders,

Guilty Crown follows the story of socially awkward high school student, Shu Ouma, who lives in a future-set Japan, after a catastrophic pandemic, “Lost Christmas”.  Japan is still under the authority of foreign powers as they exercise almost unlimited control over the country using the excuse of “containing the pathogen”, even resorting to lethal force to uphold their whims.  Shu Ouma quietly questions this administration until they day he finds Inori Yuzuriha, vocalist, wounded in one of his favorite places.  She is taken away by GHQ forces, which leaves Shu to deliver a strange item to a one, Gai.  He does this so he can, for the first time in his life, actually do the good that he wants to do.  He gets to his destination to find himself in the midst of anti-gonverment forces, just as their district falls under the attack of the GHQ as a part of their extortion of Inori.

The story is amazing (although somewhat reminiscent of Code Geass, like a lot so far) and very drawing to a viewer who likes intricate stories of fighting oppression.  Shu is a good protagonist, as he holds high values of what he wants, but cannot bring himself to act on them, until he receives his power, and starts to become the person he needs to be to change the world.

Inori is also very similar to C.C. (of Code Geass), although she’s not as unknown. (Personally couldn’t ask for a better looking lead lady :3. ) And though much isn’t known except for her background as a singer for the group Egoist and her apparent connections to a terrorist organization, she’s obviously a key to Shu’s newfound power, which also lacks an explanation.

It’s only episode 1, so I’m not getting too bogged down in plot details, but, that aside, I’m astounded at the graphical quality of this show, it’s almost like anime and manga style blended perfectly. The background music just fits indelibly, very stirring and serves quite well to multiply the rising emotions of the entire story.

Now, the real test begins, Guilty Crown has raised the bar to near orbital heights, but can it follow up? What are the details of Shu’s power? What does the GHQ want with Japan? Can one truly achieve more simply trying?

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C.C. or Inori? Tough choice, but I really like Inori so far.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown

  1. Inori is the obvious choice, but I still like my Tsumugi more. Hopefully she will make a better appearance than the 1st episode.

    Overall, very impressive. Still wading through the Code Geass shock from most viewers, but as you commented, not a bad thing at all. The animation is impressive, but the music is really impressive so far. I need that soundtrack for my collection ^^

    • Same here, same here. I think you’d need to have seen Code Geass and the impact it had to really appreciate the freshness that Guilty Crown DOES HAVE, (Though it’s a little odd, “Guilty Crown”: GC, “Code Geass”: CG)

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