C3: CubexCursedxCurious

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Hey minna,
back for third (and final, I’m spent) look at new anime for tonight, leaving off with the 2nd installment of the Fall 2011 series C3: CubexCursedxCursous.  Things just got interesting, the plot is moving at full steam and the action is kicked into fourth gear for this series.   What starts out as a rather laid-back atmosphere of Fear’s first day of school, turns into a showdown between cursed tools…

Plenty of fanservice shoved into the first half of the episode, that actually talked about class more than they were actually in class, but, it doesn’t matter. Fear gathers quite a following in Haruaki’s class on her first day, and even gets put up as a prize in a duel of taste between Haruaki and class president, Kirika, who I suspect will become important in subsequent episodes, as she’s featured in the OP along with Fear and Konoha.

Our cast’s pleasant afternoon takes a dark turn, just as Fear was about to explain her origins, a woman by the name of “Peavey Barois” appears and picks a fight with Fear, who is revealed to be a “cursed tool”.  Fear freezes up at the thought of all the people Peavey claims she’s killed, saying that it wasn’t her doing, and that someone was using her. Opponents swap as Konoha, a cursed tool herself ( 0.0 ), takes on Peavey, eventually with the help of Haruaki as a wielder.

Am I the only one bouncing off the walls after this? I mean, from the first episode I could have guessed that there was something interesting going on with Fear, but Konoha as well? I did not see that coming.  (I wonder what Kirika brings to the table…)  What amazes (and impresses) me the most is the continued cool-headedness of the male lead, Haruaki. Not only did he NOT freak out when Fear appeared stark naked in his kitchen in the middle of the night, but apparently he’s totally down to fight mechanized strangers using a sword that was (not 5 seconds ago) your childhood friend standing right next to you. Finally, a male character that, while not particularly special, isn’t useless in a fight.

I was going to go to sleep after watching C3, but now I’m too excited…I love it when anime really gets under my skin and makes me obsessed with it, or at least keeps me awake at night, waiting to see what happens.  Next week seems to showcase Fear’s strengths in battle, as the chips are down and she needs to step up to protect Haruaki and Konoha from Peavey, maybe we’ll find out more about this shadowy organization she works with and what kind of father sends cursed tools to his son…

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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