A Channel….♥

Hey minna,
it’s a bit unorthodox, but, because I didn’t have anything slated for viewing today, I found myself reminiscing.  Looking through past series and updating log files, when I came across this, and felt I should share…

It’s the 4-in-1 PV for A Channel, a slice of life series that really got me into a lot of things (keeping track of series, blogging, etc.) anime-related.  And, once again, I find myself shaking with anticipation. Why? You ask… A Channel (along with new manga volumes every so often) will be having an OVA this winter.  Probably a test of the waters for a second season (that I hope and pray for).

I can’t really review A Channel thoroughly because, as denoted by my profile pic and fan art page, I’m a *teeny* bit biased in favor of it. Tooru, words can’t express my admiration for this character. Run-chan, funniest airhead I’ve ever seen, and I typically don’t like airheads. Nagi, smart, level-headed….well, usually. And the bombshell, Yuuko, while (in my opinion) not as adorable as Tooru, she is still a klutzy, but cute character to be fond of.

Whether it be singing karaoke, running home in spite of the rain, taking a trip to the beach, or just surviving school, these girls are okay so long as they have each other. This made the ending all the more touching when Tooru becomes distraught at the thought that Run, Yuuko, and Nagi, all a year older than her, will soon be leaving her…

Again, sorry that this isn’t to my regular style of writing, but I felt a little background was due on my part.  So, now you know my deepest obsession, I hope one day you’ll join me in eating, sleeping, and breathing A Channel :3 which has enough media to keep even the most discerning fanboy happy, from extras and music tracks to plushies and coffee mugs.

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I desperately need a second season, but an OVA is a nice step in the right direction. Fingers crossed, prayers said….now, wait…….is it here yet?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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