Tamayura~hitotose~ PV

Hey minna,
back with another premier for the Fall 2011 season, this time it’s Tamayura~hitotose~. A slice of life type based from an OVA series that aired last year but is now adapted into a full length series.

Tamayura centers around a young girl named Fu Sawatari who moves to Takehara, Hiroshima to begin her first year of high school. Her father, now dead, grew up in Takehara, and this is her first time back in the town in five years. Fu enjoys photography and is often engrossed with taking pictures with her father’s old Rollei 35S film camera. A shy girl, Fu tries her best to make friends early on, spurred on by her childhood friend Kaoru Hanawa. She quickly becomes friends with two other girls, Maon Sakurada and Norie Okazaki.

It’s a slice of life, my bread and butter I guess you could say, so I’m definitely set to watch everything Tamayura has to offer. But, being a slice of life, a weekly review may be out of the question, unless an episode really stands out to me or if I have down time when I (on very rare occasions) am totally caught up on new shows and posting reviews.

What really makes Tamayura stand out to me are the stunning designs and settings. The entire first episode was beautifully drawn and with a theme like photography, I’m expecting more excellent viewscapes.  The story itself also appeals to me, it’s a very despondent situation that Fu-nyon finds herself in, but, with photography and friends, she finds a reason to keep her chin up and I can see this series will be full of feel-good moments….and I can’t wait.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


6 thoughts on “Tamayura~hitotose~

  1. The OVA was not as good as this.
    As expect the anime is as calm as it was in the OVA.
    The arts is what you would expected in a slice of life anime.
    I’m really looking forward to the next episode.

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