Mayo Chiki 13 (Final, for real this time :3 )

Hey minna,
sorry about the lack of activity this past week, long story short: life sucks, thank goodness for anime, not sure how my sanity would hold up without it. Is it bad that fictional stories (some very loosely based on realistic principles) make more sense than crap in real life? But that’s a different story for a different day, trust me. Back to the good old past time, and the last episode of the Summer 2011 season, Mayo Chiki.

The plot may have ended with episode 12, but episode 13 gives a last taste before leaving us to wait for the (at this point, inevitable) second season.  Chock full of fanservice, but still funny, probably the most comedy driven episode of the series, so far.  Centered around the cat-eared, BL author, Nakaru, the story is rather solid, albeit unnecessary to the series except to show character development.

The story, in a nutshell, is about Nakaru’s complex about her bust, and how she seeks Jirou’s help….by asking him on a date.  (I’m not skipping over the part where she first seeks confidence in Kureha and Usami, I’m just not sure how much of her story was manipulated by her imagination. This isn’t coming as criticism of Nakaru, I have the same problem, believe it or not :3 )  Jirou gets bumped up a few points on the cool-o-meter as he proves to Nakaru that her *ahem* figure isn’t the only good quality about her.  This (I guess) helps Nakaru get past her BL writer’s block, and makes Jirou out to be a real stud at the end of the season.

And, so, Mayo Chiki ends with a laugh.  It’s been a good ride and I eagerly await season 2, mostly just to see Jirou take a beating and not get a nosebleed and to see both him and Subaru finally become an “item” (we all know that’s how it’s going down).  Suspense will only make me want it more, but I hope the hiatus isn’t too long.

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Until next time
– BeldenOtaku


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